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cool post SP1 cleanup EXE


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I found on another website that after installing SP1 simply run vsp1cln.exe to remove files that would be used if u want to uninstall SP1. why you'd want that I dont know.

Anyway, its a legit part of Vista, on my vanilla desktop the cleanup saved 1GB and i ran it on my trimmed Media Center oriented SP1 build and it trimmed 400MB. :rolleyes:


It would be great if this could be slip streamed into vLite ISOs... :thumbup

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What download link? The vsp1cln.exe command is built-in to SP1.

Open the Run dialog box, and type in or paste vsp1cln.exe and hit OK. It'll present you with a command prompt asking if you're sure that you want to remove the SP1 backup files. Hit Y and you're done.

It's safe to remove the backup files, but you'll never be able to revert back to Vista without SP1 after running the cleanup command.

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It's a good way to clean up the backup files that are created when SP1 is installed, and even through vLite those files still partially remain.

I understand where turbodewd is coming from. It would be nice to have a way of deleting them from the vLite install, but I'm sure that someone could create a batch file that would do it, but then you'd probably have to use WPI to initiate it.

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Could anyone explain what "vsp1cln.exe /o: Offline_Windows_directory_path" does please? Would it be possible to do the following using vlite (suppose i copied my vista dvd to "c:\vlitedVista"):

1) integrate SP1

2) run "vsp1cln.exe /o:c:\vlitedVista"

3) remove components etc..

Would the second step actually work? If not, when would u use the "/o:..." command line argument then?

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