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:hello::thumbup I am in the middle of doing a Unattended Installation disk with Windows XP Service Pack 3. What I need was in the Old OOBE in service Pack 2, when the user

could input there name and go further into OOBE. But in service pack 3 there is no OOBE, how do I make it the user can input his/her name in service pack 3? John

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You can set this here: "WINNT.SIF" in the "UnattendSwitch" option.

UnattendSwitch?, What is this?

dear Friends...

im edited my winnt.sif file for some reasons.. And i have one code line but i donno what it does

UnattendSwitch = "Yes"

what is changed if i make it "No"

wht is its working in unattended Cd...


Specifies whether Setup skips Windows Welcome or Mini-Setup using the CD Boot method.

Set this to yes to skip the "Setting Up Internet Connection" and "Create User Accounts" screens.

In your case you'll have to set it to "No".



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