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Service pack 3


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I Have the exact problem[After installing XP including all addon and drivers etc etc, on the systems first boot up it hangs with black screen but i can enter through safemode disabled all startup no use. ] and still now not clear what to do please help.

My system is AMD 3000+ and AsusK8v board with 1Gb ram but not HP an assembled one. It also happens in my friends house. I use nvidia driver(FW 91.47) integrated with setup to support my XFX 5200Fx card.

Thanks a lot..........

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Might i ask how SP3 was slipstreamed in?

Did you use an addon pack?

Are you using a language OTHER than english?

I slipstreamed the english SP3 installer into and SP2 install disk no problem. nLite handled it like a charm.

I'd make sure you've got SP1 AND sp2 before slipping SP3 into the mix.

Also, try a perfectly stock XP install (no addons, drivers, options etc) with SP3 slipstreamed in and see if its a driver conflict.

As for the fact its an AMD, I cant help. I'm running an intel and I'm testing on VMs anyway :sneaky:

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