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How to integrate Intel AHCI ICH9R Sata (Non-raid) Drivers?


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Hi, i'm wondering if anyone has a guide for integating AHCI ICH9R Sata Drivers using nlite, i know there is a massive thread for nforce users but mine isnt an nforce board with nvidia drivers, its an its P965 board with ICH9R Controller with Intel drivers, i'm not wanting raid.

If i run: iata86_enu.exe -a then it wont install the drivers from Intel Storage Matrix Drivers 8.5, it will extract them to: C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager/winall/ with /Driver and /Driver64 subdirectories inside.

The files in the Driver dir are:







The url for the driver is here, it contains the AHCI drivers, Raid0,Raid1,Raid5 drivers too in the installer: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/16750/eng/iata85_enu.exe

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Have you tried anything or do you just not know where to begin ?

If second case, install nLite, copy your entire XP cd in a folder on your HDD, start nLite, point to the folder for source, select "integrate drivers" and "make iso" as tasks (or more if you want to spend more time tweaking), then in the "driver integration", point to the "txtsetup.oem" file you list in your post and choose to have it integrated as "text mode", let nLite do the do, chose a name and label for your iso, click "make iso", wait 3 minutes, burn it, done.

I might have skipped some steps :blushing:

If first case, precise the problem. :hello:

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