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  1. See this page by Intel (information about AHCI and its main benefits: NCQ and hot plug).
  2. SLP and nLite work together just fine on my fathers HP Pavilion PC.
  3. I think you need to catch up on SLP (System Locked Preinstallation). (sorry have no direct URL)
  4. I was not familiar with the recovery console, so had no idea whether it was possible to integrate anything in that... BTW: This seems an official Intel link for version Intel® Matrix Storage Manager
  5. Fernando, will the Intel SATA drivers be included in the recovery console as well, if I install that from an install disc with integrated drivers? It looks like that... and that would be rather cool!
  6. Interesting enough a German user has posted here rather similar problems with the exact combination MIS P45 Neo-3 FR with Samsung HD642JJ. German is not my native language, but I believe that he writes in one of his posts that he has called Samsung and they replied that it might actually indeed be an incompatibility with the chipset or a bug in the estool software... I'm getting more and more confused what to do now...
  7. estool is a DOS tool... So only the HW/BIOS of the controller is involved (no Windows driver). (that's why I marked it as a little off-topic to start with; just hoped that you as an expert had some extra info)
  8. It's the successor (2.11) to HUTIL (2.10) if I'm informed correctly... (look here). The HUTIL tool looks for an ICH7 controller and does not detect my ICH10R; the estool is trying to find an ICH8 controller, but detects my ICH10R controller... Both are copyrighted 2007... Weird, right?!
  9. Fernando, a bit off-topic, but are you aware of any incompatibilities between the Intel ICH10R controller and the Samsung estool drive diagnose tool? All my four Samsung HD642JJ drives give AJ29 "RAM error" messages when testing them with estool. I bought two new drives this week (because I need some drives during the long RMA process) and these new drives give those AJ29 errors as well! Out of curiosity I connected one of them to the JMicron 363 controller instead of the Intel ICH10R and the AJ29 error was gone... (some of the old drives really need to be RMA'd because they also give AJ24 "Bad sector" messages and one of them doesn't even boot anymore)
  10. Did you replace the contents? (of the international version) I still only see version 1.3 from 01/26/2009...
  11. My pleasure. And once again: thanks for creating this installer (this one does install while the official Nero installer fails every time!)
  12. Did some investigation and solved the problem myself! It turns out that the manifest file C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 9\Nero Burning ROM\Nero.exe.manifest is missing... Copied that single file from someone's working installation and now Nero starts just fine! Is this just an error on my system, or is the file missing in the lite installer (I used lite instead of micro in the latest test)
  13. Tried it. Unfortunately I still get the error "This application has failed to start because MFC80U.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." But MFC80U.DLL is on my system. Several times... (part of the DAEMON Tools Lite, part of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, and in C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS)
  14. On my system the international micro installer installs Nero Burning ROM, but it cannot start. Although I installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable provided in this topic, Nero/Windows complains that MFC80U.DLL is missing (and MSVCR80.DLL and MSVCP80.DLL when I copy missing files by hand; if they are all copied Windows suddenly complains that an application tries to use the runtime in a wrong way...) How can I solve this?
  15. Yes! That's why I hope you can make a version that includes Nero Vision and its templates...
  16. Completely OT, but the forum lists your post as 12:22AM and my later post as 11:44AM (which is the current time) on the same day; can you post in the future?! (or does the forum have trouble with DST?)
  17. Found the error on another forum: "The installation process cannot be resumed. A rollback of the failed component will be performed." Really weird, because the actually states that this should be solved now for custom installs... After this message I get the option to keep some of the components (the installer did not report which component failed nor which components were already installed...) or do a complete uninstall (which leaves many registry entries anyway, which won't be removed by the Generic clean tool either...)
  18. Unfortunately I forgot the exact message, but maybe I can report it here when I try again. It was always the same message that some components could not be installed and I was offered to do a roll-back. This happened around 68% and 88%. I've run the Generic Clean Tool several times, but still it leaves over 400 registry keys which contain the word "Nero", of which many are really related to Nero. Their forum is full of complaints about this...
  19. The official Nero forum is flooded with users complaining about installation issues with Nero 9... Any chance that you make a "macro" version that (optionally) includes "Nero Vision" and all its templates?
  20. Since I tried the previous version of your tools, I'm unable to install Nero again with its own installer... (I want to add Nero Vision + templates). I've tried uninstalling using your installer, using the Nero installer, using the Nero Generic Clean tool, using Revo Uninstaller, and even cleaning Nero registry entries by hand... Any advice?
  21. Still illegal. And illegal activities are not allowed on this board?!
  22. So you're using a retail version while you only own an OEM version? That's probably not legal...
  23. You might try one of the IE7 update packs over at RyanVM's forum.
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