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Help Acrobat Pro 7.1 users


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Hi Folks,

Windows XP Pro SP3

Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.1

I want to disable the info/details shown when you hover over any .pdf icon. I find this feature annoying because it triggers and executes four processes automatically in the system (2 instances of adobe_cleanup.0001, 1 adobelmsvc.exe and acrobat.exe). These processes start and run even if i´m not working with acrobat files when i accidentally hover over the .pdf icons placed on the desktop.

Btw, I chose not to start Acrobat when i turn on my computer neither want those processes to auto-start in the background unless i´m working with acrobat files.

Any ideas?

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Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > Show pop-up description of desktop and folder items. Ensure this is unchecked. That should fix that.

Use msconfig or strun.exe from Nirsoft or CCleaner to remove any undesired start-up items.

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