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How to Allow WPI to Reboot then Resume WPI?

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With reading the manual and then using the %reboot% option that is built in.

So command2 would be %reboot% 30 (The 30 representing seconds to wait till rebooting)

Little warning though WPI will resume in that little "Dead" area of time between loggin on and loading the desktop so other than WPI running you will not be able to do much...

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Thanks for your reply, but I read the manual and it does not mention the reboot command and although I did see the reboot command in the program, I was unsure if it was able to resume the installation of the rest of my programs, Because I did a quick test with it and it did not resume WPI, but I will try it again.

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In fact it worked perfectly. Forgive me for my incompetence. As a quick test I had WPI execute an AutoIT Executable I made then used used the command 2 with the reboot option, then set another program to run and everything went perfect and as expected. Rebooted and resumed the install. Thanks again.

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