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  1. In fact it worked perfectly. Forgive me for my incompetence. As a quick test I had WPI execute an AutoIT Executable I made then used used the command 2 with the reboot option, then set another program to run and everything went perfect and as expected. Rebooted and resumed the install. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for your reply, but I read the manual and it does not mention the reboot command and although I did see the reboot command in the program, I was unsure if it was able to resume the installation of the rest of my programs, Because I did a quick test with it and it did not resume WPI, but I will try it again.
  3. Maybe this is a very Newbie question, but how do I get WPI to reboot part of the through the installation of my programs and then come back and complete the install after that reboot?
  4. I have my computer set up so I Have a Admin account and a Guest account, my Admin account has a password for a reason, so that when people use my computer they can only get onto the guest account, therefore making it so they cant install any programs. My problem is that when I install things like Opera (my prefered web browser) on the Admin account, and configure all the options the way I like it, I then log into the guest account to find that there are no shortcuts for the program and when I then make a shortcut and launch the program it is still set to the default settings even though I painstakinly set everything up nicely under the Admin account. Is there a way to have windows share application settings and shortcuts between user accounts, and if so, is there a way to make nLite make this part of the windows default setup.
  5. If my current copy of nLited windows had all the languages removed, would it be possible to tell windows to install more languages of the Original XP CD if I should ever need them?
  6. I set up nLite so that both an admin acount with a password and a guest account with no password would be active from the first boot up, but the guest account never seems to show up on the first boot, is this a bug in nLite, I am using the latest version.
  7. My latest copy of XPpro SP2 with ryan's update pack had the Wireless Zero Configuration service set to disabled because most of the time I dont need it, I only need it on my laptop. I also removed the default wireless drivers because I had my own drivers. So I went to install my wireless card on my laptop and of course I had to switch the Wireless Zero Configuration service to manual and then start it, but when I tryed conecting to my wireless connection it just keeps on saying that it is try to acquire network address, the internet actually works and I can surf and everything but its just a little anoying that I cant get an actuall IP address, and I think this might cause other unexpected problems later on.
  8. Not every time but about maybe half the time when I Log Out the keyboard just seems not to work, the little blinking cursor just does not appear in the admin account when I try to enter my password and clicking on it with the mouse does not allow me to enter my password. After a reboot I am able to enter my password, so I dont know what I removed in nLite that would cause this, could this be a bug in nLite or just something I removed. I am using XP pro SP2 with the latest ryan's update pack.
  9. This question is pretty much identical to my last, its just that I didn't think of it untill after I posted the last one, otherwise I would have combined them. I know that the windows setup allows you to chose the keyboards and languages, and when its all finish and you boot up for the first time everything is the way you specified, but I was just wondering if XP setup copies all the keyboard and language files to the H.D. anyway so that you dont have to go finding your install CD, if you want to add something. If this is the case then I guess it would be smarter to strip out the Keyboards and Languages that are not needed to save H.D. space. Although I would like my install CD to be fairly international because I travell a lot and Set-up computers for people who speak many different languages. I am working with older computer that have like 3GB Hard drives and the original XP install takes up like 2GB, so I'm just trying to figure out the best strategies for cutting the fat.
  10. I'm all for making a slimmed down version of windows but I don't particulary care if the actuall install CD takes up the whole CD, just as long as what is actually copied to the Hard Drive takes the minimal amount of room. So my question is: Are all the drivers on the install CD copied to the Hard Drive when windows is first installed, or is it only the ones that are needed and were detected as being needed by the setup process? Because if only what is needed is copied to the H.D. then I would much rather have nLite leave all the driver on the CD without stripping them, because lets face it a CD has 700Mb = lots of room, and I'm not trying to make a USB key install or anything where size might be more of an issue.

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