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Solution: Steam File Download security warning


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If you remove IECore and run Steam, you will get a file download security warning prompt like the one:


Which of course is very annoying. To fix this you need to replace xpsp2res.dll and shdoclc.dll with versions that have the dialogues removed. I have those files here for you, but they are for Windows XP Sp3. They might work for SP2 but I wouldn't risk it.

First download replacer pre-release version.

Now download the files.

Extract them all into the same folder. Read the readme provided with the replacer utility on restoring files, just in case something goes wrong. Run replacer and follow the provided instructions.

If you want to edit the files for yourself, you can use reshacker to edit shdoclc.dll and xpsp2res.dll. In both, you have to go to the dialogue section and search for the dialogue boxes corresponding to the ones that popup when Steam runs. For shdoclc.dll there's the file download dialogue box. For xpsp2res.dll there's a couple "security warning" dialogue boxes. Removing them prevents them from coming up, thus fixing the problem.

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