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MSDart5 and MSDart6 on same CD


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Does anybody know how to make or modify the bcd so that you can multiboot a cd with Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Tools 5 and 6.

i have tried using EasyBCD to modify the bcd of my winpe 2.0 disc but it does not seem to like me and will not apply any changes. I have managed to rip the contents of MSDart 5 into a seperate folder and would like to use the windows vista boot loader to choose between the 2 different versions, seeing as i have to support both XP as well as Vista now.

Any help would be much appriciated.



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It's slightly redundant as it introduces two boot menus, but you can use ISOLinux to boot both DaRT 5 (as a normal windows cd boot) and DaRT 6 (as a BOOTMGR based vista cd boot). You might be able to configure BOOTMGR to autoboot to DaRT 6 though which would save you having to select it in BOOTMGR.


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