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  1. Does anybody know how to make or modify the bcd so that you can multiboot a cd with Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Tools 5 and 6. i have tried using EasyBCD to modify the bcd of my winpe 2.0 disc but it does not seem to like me and will not apply any changes. I have managed to rip the contents of MSDart 5 into a seperate folder and would like to use the windows vista boot loader to choose between the 2 different versions, seeing as i have to support both XP as well as Vista now. Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks, Joshua
  2. http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...13516&st=80 hope this helps, you can not format yet but hopefully they will get it working in the near future
  3. Does anybody know the new shell32.dll call for SHFormatDrive. it used to be rundll32 shell32, SHFormatDrive any help would be much appriceated!!
  4. i created a multiboot disc based off of the instructions of here, however when i try to install any flavor of 2000 it asks me to insert the cd. it will install if i type the path to the i386 folder. i do not have any problems with xp or 2003 just teh 2000 flavors. any suggestions? Thank much for any advice!!!!
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