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Help| Error while chain XP Setup


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I made an AIO-DVD with all of XP versions.

I'm now testing it, and I've tryied to load ANY VERSION SETUP and it's giving me the following message:

There is no Window bla bla SP3 CD in Diskkete A: bla bla bla

what can I do and why does it happens?

Many thanks!

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Just had this problem today. I used nlite to delete drivers you needed to slip them back in by using driver packs from www.driverpacks.net ...

After the slipstream it worked perfect...

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Ok i am no expert at this by any means, however when i ran into that problem it was because i had removed Hardware Drivers via Nlite and forgot to slipstream hardware drivers into my install. I then used the driver packs from www.driverpacks.net and slipstreamed them into my source and it worked perfect. A full tutorial can be found below


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I'll check up on this one when I'm home.. I think it's helpfull, altough I didn't remove any of the driver with Nlite.. only custumazations have been made to setups sources + vista games & sp3 slipstreamed...

In the worst case, I'll do it all over again...

Finally, your saying that after slipstreaming Driverpacks into setup sources, it will be O.K..


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