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  1. ok . i'll do this , but tomorrow , cause i don't have a spare system to test . or there is a Virtual Machine that supports USB booting ? (other than QEMU)
  2. You need to reboot it once in order the driver responsible to be uninstalled. XP what Service Pack was the source? Service Pack 2 I also rebooted as you said and it didn't worked. I tried now with the latest version 0.2.2 and still the same (i mean , windows recognize my HDD as removable drive and i have access only to one partition). I will keep testing..
  3. Sorry for the long delay.. i forgot about it . Yes, right after Windows installation . i was using WinSetupFromUSB 0.2.0 . Now i reformatted the partition and remade it using 0.1.1 . it worked but after the windows install , the ~LS and ~BT folders disappeared. :| Does WinSetupFromUSB 0.2.2 fix this issue ?
  4. hi guys ! i have a little small problem with WinSetupFromUSB 0.2 which i don't know how to solve it . i have searched for answers on forum but i couldn't find something :| i use a 250 GB external HDD which is partitioned on 3 , first has 5 GB , and the rest up to 250 .. all work like a charm , the only problem is if i install XP from it , Windows sees it as a removable drive and i can't access the other two partitions , only the first one. it's happening only at me or it's a bug ? tried with hitachi microfilter but still doesn't work.. nForce
  5. Thank you a lot Kelsenellenelvian ! You do well! Have a nice day !
  6. Hi ! I also want a translation for autorun Romanian translation : Start WPI = Porneste WPI Exit = Iesire thanks
  7. i used Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 to partition the disk in 3 partitions , all of them are NTFS and the first partition where i tried is active .
  8. Hi guys ! long time , no seek . i also have a USB SATA HDD (a laptop one) which uses a USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge .. yes , the hdd behaves like a normal disk but i used USB Multiboot to make a bootable disk and it doesn't work . i mean i select at boot the drive and it stays black with the blinking cursor then it boots normaly to the first HDD . what's wrong ? :| the USB controller resets at boot ?
  9. i fixed the problem , i've made another PE with Pe builder and it worked. Thanks for all if i have another questions, i will know where to ask. Have a nice day.
  10. ok .. i'm sorry about how "messed" i made this forum by making a topic at Unattended Windows Discussion & Support > Multi-Boot CD/DVDs .. i didn't know it was only about this .. i saw it after i made this topic.. I did asked you different questions because i didn't wanted to start different topics with different problems .. I Didn't Wanted to abuse for your help!! Trust me , i have made everything you told me , except posting there you said. I am sorry for tampering you with PM's asking for help.. i'm sorry , sorry and again Sorry ! one thing i don't understand : why is HBD considered warez ? i mean , those apps can be found free on google .. right ? or i am wrong ? :| sorry again jaclaz, i didn't meant to abuse of your kindness..i asked for your help firstly because i saw you know most about this.Believe me , i have read most of them , not all , and some of them i don't understand.. i guess i won't get help here anymore for what i've made.. have a nice day. nForce
  11. First step : i used H and formated using HP utility with NTFS file system. Second step: i pointed to my XP cd (no drivers needed) so there asked me for the unattended and i have chosen semi-unatteded Third step: i pointed to my stick Fourth step: i pointed to the BartPE folder 5th step : Switched Recovery Console ON 6th step: started by pressing 3. when i were asked for XP +extra source .. bla bla .. i pressed yes ( that means xp+extra ) and the setup go till all the files have finished processing. then , i run a command prompt window i have typed like it is specified in this thread : http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...mp;#entry143701 copy /y I:\minint\setupldr.bin I:\peldr then i point to USB_MultiBoot_10 and type makebt\gsar -b -o -sBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00txtsetup -rBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00notsetup I:\peldr command prompt replies with this: H:\USB_MultiBoot_10>makebt\gsar -b -o -sBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00txtsetup -rBT :x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00notsetup I:\peldr I:\peldr: 0x1eba9 I:\peldr: 1 occurrence changed i rebooted and i get the same error.. :| Error 14 , INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupted or missing.Setup cannot continue.Press anykey to continue. what did i go wrong ? edit : watched the log and i saw that the same occurence with gsar have been already made.so what i wrote in the final stage it's the same.
  12. okay ! i have made it again using USB_MultiBoot_10 and added a bartpe .. so winxp setup works, but when i'm starting bartpe , it appears the Inspecting bla bla.. and then i get : "Error 14 txtsetup.sif is missing or corrupted.Setup cannot continue.Press anykey to continue" and this fails :| something wrong with usbmultiboot tool ? i have to mention that the partition on the USB stick is NTFS
  13. ok thanks ! maybe i can make a floppy image of the bootfiles that i had extracted from the bootdisc and fool the MSDOS that the second partition is the first using map command .. thanks ! i'll try again and let you know what happened
  14. ok.. i have made windows xp setup work .. but now , Hiren's boot tools doesn't work anymore..as a matter of fact , the error message is 43 and it says : "The BPB hidden_sector should not be zero.. " .. linux works.. but now , msdos doesn't .. of course , i have edited grub4dos' menu.lst from my preference. the configuration is WinXP Setup (hd0,0) MSDoS (hd0,1) Linux (hd0,2) i don't understand what's wrong
  15. but if , i make first partition NTFS for WinXP and the rest of 2 FAT for MSDOS and PCLinuxOS , it will work ? edit : i think it will work if grub4dos can chainload after ntldr .. but the question is : who will be permanently active ? as you can see the old menu.lst , when i select one option , the other partitions hide to avoid problems (as writting to them..) thank you jacklaz , i will start it over again and let you know of my progress.Sorry if i annoyed you. and when i mean grub , i meant to the booloader. Cheers!

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