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  1. ok . i'll do this , but tomorrow , cause i don't have a spare system to test . or there is a Virtual Machine that supports USB booting ? (other than QEMU)
  2. You need to reboot it once in order the driver responsible to be uninstalled. XP what Service Pack was the source? Service Pack 2 I also rebooted as you said and it didn't worked. I tried now with the latest version 0.2.2 and still the same (i mean , windows recognize my HDD as removable drive and i have access only to one partition). I will keep testing..
  3. Sorry for the long delay.. i forgot about it . Yes, right after Windows installation . i was using WinSetupFromUSB 0.2.0 . Now i reformatted the partition and remade it using 0.1.1 . it worked but after the windows install , the ~LS and ~BT folders disappeared. :| Does WinSetupFromUSB 0.2.2 fix this issue ?
  4. hi guys ! i have a little small problem with WinSetupFromUSB 0.2 which i don't know how to solve it . i have searched for answers on forum but i couldn't find something :| i use a 250 GB external HDD which is partitioned on 3 , first has 5 GB , and the rest up to 250 .. all work like a charm , the only problem is if i install XP from it , Windows sees it as a removable drive and i can't access the other two partitions , only the first one. it's happening only at me or it's a bug ? tried with hitachi microfilter but still doesn't work.. nForce
  5. Thank you a lot Kelsenellenelvian ! You do well! Have a nice day !
  6. Hi ! I also want a translation for autorun Romanian translation : Start WPI = Porneste WPI Exit = Iesire thanks
  7. i used Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 to partition the disk in 3 partitions , all of them are NTFS and the first partition where i tried is active .
  8. Hi guys ! long time , no seek . i also have a USB SATA HDD (a laptop one) which uses a USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge .. yes , the hdd behaves like a normal disk but i used USB Multiboot to make a bootable disk and it doesn't work . i mean i select at boot the drive and it stays black with the blinking cursor then it boots normaly to the first HDD . what's wrong ? :| the USB controller resets at boot ?
  9. i fixed the problem , i've made another PE with Pe builder and it worked. Thanks for all if i have another questions, i will know where to ask. Have a nice day.
  10. ok .. i'm sorry about how "messed" i made this forum by making a topic at Unattended Windows Discussion & Support > Multi-Boot CD/DVDs .. i didn't know it was only about this .. i saw it after i made this topic.. I did asked you different questions because i didn't wanted to start different topics with different problems .. I Didn't Wanted to abuse for your help!! Trust me , i have made everything you told me , except posting there you said. I am sorry for tampering you with PM's asking for help.. i'm sorry , sorry and again Sorry ! one thing i don't understand : why is HBD considered warez ? i mean , those apps can be found free on google .. right ? or i am wrong ? :| sorry again jaclaz, i didn't meant to abuse of your kindness..i asked for your help firstly because i saw you know most about this.Believe me , i have read most of them , not all , and some of them i don't understand.. i guess i won't get help here anymore for what i've made.. have a nice day. nForce
  11. First step : i used H and formated using HP utility with NTFS file system. Second step: i pointed to my XP cd (no drivers needed) so there asked me for the unattended and i have chosen semi-unatteded Third step: i pointed to my stick Fourth step: i pointed to the BartPE folder 5th step : Switched Recovery Console ON 6th step: started by pressing 3. when i were asked for XP +extra source .. bla bla .. i pressed yes ( that means xp+extra ) and the setup go till all the files have finished processing. then , i run a command prompt window i have typed like it is specified in this thread : http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...mp;#entry143701 copy /y I:\minint\setupldr.bin I:\peldr then i point to USB_MultiBoot_10 and type makebt\gsar -b -o -sBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00txtsetup -rBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00notsetup I:\peldr command prompt replies with this: H:\USB_MultiBoot_10>makebt\gsar -b -o -sBT:x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00txtsetup -rBT :x00:x00:x00\:x00:x00:x00notsetup I:\peldr I:\peldr: 0x1eba9 I:\peldr: 1 occurrence changed i rebooted and i get the same error.. :| Error 14 , INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupted or missing.Setup cannot continue.Press anykey to continue. what did i go wrong ? edit : watched the log and i saw that the same occurence with gsar have been already made.so what i wrote in the final stage it's the same.
  12. okay ! i have made it again using USB_MultiBoot_10 and added a bartpe .. so winxp setup works, but when i'm starting bartpe , it appears the Inspecting bla bla.. and then i get : "Error 14 txtsetup.sif is missing or corrupted.Setup cannot continue.Press anykey to continue" and this fails :| something wrong with usbmultiboot tool ? i have to mention that the partition on the USB stick is NTFS
  13. ok thanks ! maybe i can make a floppy image of the bootfiles that i had extracted from the bootdisc and fool the MSDOS that the second partition is the first using map command .. thanks ! i'll try again and let you know what happened
  14. ok.. i have made windows xp setup work .. but now , Hiren's boot tools doesn't work anymore..as a matter of fact , the error message is 43 and it says : "The BPB hidden_sector should not be zero.. " .. linux works.. but now , msdos doesn't .. of course , i have edited grub4dos' menu.lst from my preference. the configuration is WinXP Setup (hd0,0) MSDoS (hd0,1) Linux (hd0,2) i don't understand what's wrong
  15. but if , i make first partition NTFS for WinXP and the rest of 2 FAT for MSDOS and PCLinuxOS , it will work ? edit : i think it will work if grub4dos can chainload after ntldr .. but the question is : who will be permanently active ? as you can see the old menu.lst , when i select one option , the other partitions hide to avoid problems (as writting to them..) thank you jacklaz , i will start it over again and let you know of my progress.Sorry if i annoyed you. and when i mean grub , i meant to the booloader. Cheers!
  16. well , it was the extended partition .. and i have removed it and now there are only 3 active and 1 unallocated.. well i have tried this tutorial http://www.msfn.org/board/How-to-install-X...6.html&st=6 and chainloaded .. it works until "Starting Windows.." and i get a BSOD with 07B error.. :| do i have to format all the stick and make it all over again ? if i change the existing Grub made with WinGRUB with grub4dos , it will work ? :|
  17. how do you chainload-it ? post your menu.lst cause i want to do the same and it doesn't work..
  18. timeout 30 color light-cyan/cyan light-cyan/blue color=white/blue title MSDOS with Boot Tools unhide (hd0,0) hide (hd0,1) hide (hd0,3) rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader +1 makeactive boot title PCLInuxOS 2007 fastload kernel (hd0,1)/isolinux/vmlinuz fromusb vga=788 initrd (hd0,1)/isolinux/initrd.gz title PCLinuxOS 2007 with GUI root (hd0,1) kernel /isolinux/vmlinuz bootfrom=/dev/sda2 root=/dev/rd/3 acpi=on vga=788 keyb=us splash=silent fstab=rw,noauto initrd /isolinux/initrd.gz boot title WinXP SP2 Install hide (hd0,0) hide (hd0,1) unhide (hd0,3) rootnoverify (hd0,3) chainloader /i386/setupldr.bin makeactive boot title Reboot unhide (hd0,0) unhide (hd0,1) unhide (hd0,3) reboot i just want to start the normal install just like i would insert the disc into the drive . can i use something with to run with grub and the chainloader ? or to launch DOS and make an autoexec with smartdrv and automatically launch winnt.exe if something else is not possible ? Because I need it to load with grub .. i have found this solution here , on msfn. I used Partition Magic 8 and Acronis Disk Director Suite v10 Well , the first one .. but it doesn't matter , cause grub search for the list automatically and when i choose an option , the others hide as you can see to avoid problems. and GRLDR is installed on (hd0,1) the one containing SETUPLDR.BIN is (hd0,3) and it has the exact contents of the original cd.but i cannot load setupldr.bin using chainloader /i386/setupldr.bin it says that it is in invalid format or not supported.. something like this..i'm very tired.. edit : i solved the problem with MSDOS.. the only one remains WinXP
  19. Hi there i have read all your tutorials (jaclaz) about USB Multi boot from USB drives and .. i have a little problem. I have made a multi boot using WinGRUB and planned to use this : 1)MSDOS ( the win9x version , from floppy disk - it doesn't work when it loads the CDROM Driver ) 2)PCLinuxOS without GUI 3)PClinuxOS with GUI 4)WinXP SP Installation (which gives an error : "Invalid system disk.Replace the disk and restart the system." something like this. ) what's wrong ? i tried to point the grub loader to go on i386/setupldr.bin and still doesn't work.. I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB and it has 3 FAT16 Partitions and 1 unallocated ( for the moment .. ) nForce4

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