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  1. Hi, I'm currently working on a multi-boot dvd and building a WPI menu.. USSF can't find switches for silent install of BlueSoleil, can you AutoIt for me?... Many thx!!!
  2. Hi, Name: LioNetwork Codec Package Version: 3.0 Download Link: REMOVED Just silent.. thank's EDITTED by Shark007 because I own the original work that this was stolen from. Inserting your own graphics into someone elses software DOES NOT make it your own.
  3. Hi, Title: "Dam(n) NFO Viewer" Script version (if applicable): 2.10 that's it.. just silent.. thank you all! Soft Link: http://download1us.softpedia.com/dl/e827ca...10-0032-RC3.exe
  4. WoW !!! Thanks you man! fast! and best.. I've test it a minute ago and it works like a magic!!!! really thanks!!!
  5. Hi, Can anyone help me out and make me an autoit setup for No-IP Software.. Here is the app: ------------------ http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&siteId=...896318f94a208c6 just remove the 2 view items at the end of the installation.. and that's it! perfect! Thanks!!!
  6. thanks!! I'll check up on this one when I'm home.. I think it's helpfull, altough I didn't remove any of the driver with Nlite.. only custumazations have been made to setups sources + vista games & sp3 slipstreamed... In the worst case, I'll do it all over again... Finally, your saying that after slipstreaming Driverpacks into setup sources, it will be O.K.. thanks!
  7. First rhing first.. many thanks for your help, although, I didn't understood u.. can u explain me the steps u took to fix the prob? thanks again!
  8. Hi, I made an AIO-DVD with all of XP versions. I'm now testing it, and I've tryied to load ANY VERSION SETUP and it's giving me the following message: There is no Window bla bla SP3 CD in Diskkete A: bla bla bla what can I do and why does it happens? Many thanks!
  9. Hi, If u don't wanna install the annoying Windows Live soft, here is the link to the Messenger 8.5 Hebrew.msi standalone: http://rapidshare.com/files/130352516/WLMessenger85.msi enjoy!
  10. Hi man, here is the location.. C:\Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller\MsiSources U will find it by the MB's... 19 or 16 MB
  11. Hi, can someone please give me a script that checks the operation system that installed and by that gives me (or not) the MUI option. Let me explain: If I installing an Home Edition, I don't want WPI to show the MUI option to install.. (cause it doesn't supports that...) If I installing an Pro Edition (For ENGLISH version ONLY), I want WPI to show me the option of language pack. If I installing an MCE Edition (For ENGLISH version ONLY) I want WPI to show me the option of language pack. thanks!!!
  12. so youre saying that is my layout is O.K, and I should use the one with the RunWPI.exe file? another prob is that I'm using DriversPack so they run at the same time and this will be a problem... is there a fix for that? thanks a-lot for your help!
  13. In http://www.wpiw.net they say that the WPI folder should located with the I386 + $OEM$ (the one we talked about)... now, my folder layout is like in the picture.. that will be O.K?... As you can c from the picture, the $OEM$ folder are in the Setup ->HomeIL, etc... & so as the I386 inside... The WPI folder is in the root folder of the AIO-DVD.. I think that something's wrong here... like I said in the beginning of my post..
  14. Hi, Can anyone help me out with this conflict? the WPI is designed to load before windows logging on, and the DrivesPack design to install them-self at the same time.. can anyone help me out with this one? thanks!!!
  15. Thanks alot.. I didnt' understand the part of "This makes it handy if I am using it to install software on computers that have not just been formatted." if you want to install just the softwares without the windows?... thanks!
  16. O.K... I want to run the WPI only if I choose to... can it be done? If it is, how?...
  17. Thanks man!!! I've downloaded the $OEM$ folder, put it where u said, but there isn't "runwpi.exe" in it... there is only 2 files named: 1. cmdlines.txt 2. RunWPI.inf that's it... what should I do...? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- another short question 4 u.. to turn this WPI option, I just need to tell the winint.sif to "tell" the setup to use $OEM$ setup? and that's it?... O.K! thanks a-l-o-t man!!!! you've really helped me!
  18. thank you very very much for your respond.. Although I didn't get it.. How to get it done? what I understand is that: put WPI main folder in the root of the DVD & $OEM$ folder in each I386 windows folder? can you be more specific with your explanation? and give any visual mapping for it.. How do I connect between them?... thank's again!
  19. Hi, I'm making an aio-dvd multiboot with XP versions.. can someone help me out how do define the WPI folder to run with each windows Setup? This is my folder layout: AIO-DVD | |->BOOT | |->Setup| | ->5 Windows Verios(Like, HomeEN->I386 ProEN->I386 where should WPI Folder be? where do i put the WPI Loader? Thank's allot!
  20. Hi, I have ERD Commander 2006 and i followed the guide to integrate it but I have some probs with it. after it loads it ask me to inster windows 200 diskette to drive a: & it won't continue? what is the reason and can it be fixed? Also I have ghost v.12 and I want to integrate it so i can only boot & restore from image? can anyone tell me how? thank's!! grat forum!!!! KEEP ON
  21. sorry.. still not working or we don't talking about the same link.. can u give me the correct one that works? (for the graphical one..)
  22. Please, can anyone give me those images.. I can't get those.. and defenetly can't make ones.. cause I don't how.. & what's with it that u all ignore me or sonthing.. I did somthing against the rulez? thanks!
  23. WOWWWW!!! great MENU!!! pls fix the link... so we can enjoy it to (I mean the graphical menu!) thanks again!

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