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windows update blocked


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I have just cleaned up a trojan infected PC that has windows update, symantec, etc blocked by

I looked at the host file and it just has localhost

I've reset all zones to default.

Ive checked the gp settings and they are unconfigured for windows update.

Where else can update sites like windows update, etc. get blocked?

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Have you checked the dns server address?

If the router had a default password there is even malware that will mess with the router's dns, but that's probably pretty rare.

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I just got finished with the same issue. It was a problem for a month.

It started with the AntiVirusXP2008 and a picture on the desktop. I'm sure if I clicked it I would have been much worse off.

The solution was:

1. Run SuperAntiSpyware

2. Run SpyBot

3. Run HiJackThis (but I don't think we did anything with it)

4 - FINALLY FIXED IT USING the ComboFix from here:


You may not be able to get that last one - it may be blocked. Have someone email the ComboFix. That's the one that finally worked for me. I doubt the 1st 3 steps helped me, but they didn't hurt. If I had to do it again, I'd start with ComboFix.

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