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How i can open *.gho files. NG 2003 says that are wrong.


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As topic say:

I have 2GB GHO file and i want to edit it. Ghost explorer form Norton Ghost 2003 say that files aren't proper gho files but they work when i make DOS Restore using Norton Ghost 8.5 and system is restored.

Witch i should use ? Norton Ghost 10 ? 12 ? 14 ?

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If the extension is .gho, then it was probably made with ghost 2003 or prior version. As far as I know the newer version (newer than 2003; or the rebranded ones), do not use the .gho extension.

Anyway, you cannot edit .gho image files with ghost explorer. All you can do is extract the files to recover them but you cannot delete or add to that image with ghost explorer.

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