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Reuse of HFSLIPed source


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I've just integrated my original XP SP3 source with IE7 + WMP11 + all updates up-to-today...

The final result is in the SOURCESS dir, of course.

Whenever new updates show up, is it possible to use this SOURCESS dir as my SOURCE, or should I integrate the whole thing all over again with the original source?

i.e. Could reusing of an updated source within HFSLIP cause any problems?

Thanks in advance,


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is it possible to use this SOURCESS dir as my SOURCE

I asked something similar to this well over a year ago and was told that it is always better to start fresh. Just keep a backup of the hfslip directories, added files and SOURCE files on its own CD, flash drive, whatever. Make changes to this as you need.


I am not implying that you came late to the party :)

It is just that I asked this a while back and things can always change.

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