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Annoying Java Script error for my Client


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My Client has a user on the domain who is trying to access a certain website


Basically, he couldnt see the Green menu bar down the side of the screen. I updated Flash, Java and Shockwave player and manged to get the menu bar to show.

Basically i can expand the menu but i i cant click any of the submenus that are expanding.

I have tried resetting internet explorer 7 settings, used CCLeaner to clean all the temporary files and still no luck.

I logged on as the administrator and the website works fine.

It seems like an issue with his profile on the local machine.

Is there any options i could possibly try other than cutting out his documents / desktop / stationery from his profile and then logging back on and putting the files back?


Any more info please let me know, this is holding me up between calls at work and he is not the most patient of people.



windows XP Pro

no Rprofile

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I'm sure that this has nothing to do with Internet Explorer.

I've just tried this site with IE7, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers and in all cases the menu drop down works but nevigation of their sub-links fails to work.

I hope this helps you to narrows down your search for a fix somewhat.

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Thanks, I just tried this site as an admin, and it seemed to work for a second, then it stopped. Makes me think the site is dodgy.

I have deleted almost all the files from his profile (application data) and other stores and tried it, i managed to click a link and then after that i could no longer click it anymore!!!!

If i tell him tommorow that its a problem with the site, he says another user can access it. (on another machine) - i reckon hes a bit confused

So what im going to try iss log him on another machine and try it.

I'll let you know how it works out

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I couldnt find a spare PC at my Clients site, anyway. I Reset all the configuration options in IE7, loaded the main page, clicked 'contact us' that then changed the page. I went back and tried it again and it doesnt work.

Could this be an actual java engine error? Or is my clients site a load of SH***?

Also, ive got a small eye with a red cross in it along the bottom bar of IE7.

it says www.woodhallspagolfclub.com/nss-folder/menus......flashobject.js" - Cookies = BLOCKED

Could this be the problem at all? If i right click and press enable, i cannot see any difference, cannot click it even still!

TRY browsing to this


Then clicking a link, you will find that it works....


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Could this be an actual java engine error? Or is my clients site a load of SH***?

The site doesn't use Java at all.

Works perfectly in FF 3.0, but severely broken in IE7. It's the website.

Actually, the menus expand and collapse, but click the links, they don't work at all. So no it doesn't work perfectly even there.

Their site is horribly broken, that's all it is. Their ugly and pointless flash navigation is broke, their ugly flash banner at the bottom has strange blue rectangles on each side, they have countless issues with their markup (as in hml), css errors (it's not even in a separate file either), javascript errors, n00b comments everywhere in the markup, uses a lot of tables for nothing, and it's so ghetto that there isn't even a doctype (it renders in quirks mode). Every problem a web site could have, it has.

But then again, it runs on on a ancient version of netscape server (nobody uses that anymore basically) -- we're talking like 10 years old here, and static html... So you can't even be surprised the site sucks.

There's absolutely NOTHING you can do on your end that will make this work. It's the site that needs fixing.

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Thank you so much crahak! You have saved my weekend! I asked him to leave his machine on so i could investigate it further! Thank you so much!

I will inform him of the sites flaws, i suspected the site was poorly made, but never would i have though it was that bad.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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