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[Release] FreshDiagnose v7.96 and FreshUI v8.21


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FreshDiagnose v7.96 [Released: December 08, 2008]

Fresh Diagnose is a utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, hard disk performance, video system information, mainboard / motherboard information, and much more...

Key features of Fresh Diagnose:

  • System Information: Scanning your system and give a complete report about your computer's hardware and software, for examples: mainboard information, video system information, PCI / AGP buses information, peripheral (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.) information, Windows registry settings, and network information.
  • System Benchmarks: Testing your system performance, such as CPU, hard disk, CD/DVD ROM, and compare it with other systems.

File size :: 1.91 MB (2,006,164 bytes)

MD5 :: 5F3912C1729EF97ADC5FC8EFA001D2D3

Main :: mediafire

FreshUI v8.21 [Released: December 14, 2008]

Fresh UI is a fresh solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/NT/ 98/95/Me, this software covers the customizing and optimizing techniques that you'll be glad to know, such as:

  • Customizing Windows User Interface (UI)
  • Optimizing system settings
  • Optimizing hardware settings
  • Customizing Windows application settings
  • Controlling user environment with policies

File size :: 1.50 MB (1,577,426 bytes)

MD5 :: AA2F398C61910D57068A14D54C99FD3D

Main :: mediafire

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