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Asking me I presume? :) in my HFTOOLS I have only reg.exe cmdow.exe and HFSLIP_POST_getnewfiles_v3.cmd

There is no HFANSWER.INI. I have:

SOURCE - Windows 2000 Professional CD (no SP)

HF - Service Pack 4 + all the updates in the_guy's list

HFCABS - cabs for IE6 and Windows Update Agent/website


HFSVCPACK - DNF11.exe and DNF20.exe switchless silent dotnet installers 1.1 and 2.0 as created using Silent .NET Maker batch file

When I try to run HFSLIP with this problem hotfix it runs and produces SOURCESS but the hotfix still shows up in windows update. So I removed the hotfix from HF, started over and then just integrated it into SOURCESS using nLite. That approach worked for me, I don't know why!

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I have encountered same problem, however, I noticed the following message after HFSLIP finished processing the said update: "Force copied: Tem\ieframe.dll.mui". Can anyone explain that to me, please!


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All cumulative updates of IE7 failed on my computer after installing XP-SP3. (as said: IE7 and WM11 were integrated into XP-SP2-Setup-CD)

And yesterday I tried IE8Beta2. Failed too.


In ie8.log I have seen a few registry-values unable to be changed: HCR\Interface\3....... and so on. I set there rights to 'full' changeable by admin (they were only readable by admin?) and voila:

All is fine and beautiful (right now, for IE8Beta2... I'll tell you more, when IE8Final arrives)!


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