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Saving files in Vista

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I just installed Vista Home Premium today, first time using it. I am having a problem with WPI:

It won't save any files WPI creates to %systemdrive% variable, such as: %systemdrive%\\history.js

I do an alert() to check path, is C:\history.js as it should be. It just will not save it.

This is happening with 3 files that try to save to this path. The config.js, useroptions.js and windowoptions.js save just fine; they are not in C: root.

Any ideas? I know a few of you have posted comments about C:\rb_config.js not being saved. Is this a Vista thing because it works fine on XP. Is there a different path I should use for Vista?

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It should be UAC. I remove it with vLite and never had problems with WPI writing files on drive C:\ . But if UAC is enabled, it asks for every little file you delete and perhaps it also "protects" the systemdrive against saving files. :(

Just enter msconfig -> Tools -> Disable UAC (this should be what it's called in Vista EN), reboot and check if the problem still exists.

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