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IE7 Slipstream to SP3 - Missing advpack.mui and ieframe.mui

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Same setup as my other post (http://www.msfn.org/board/wbemoccab-not-helping-missing-napprovm-t119477.html)

Plain XPw/SP3 pre-integrated setup downloaded from MS's Volume Licensing site. Using HFSLIP 1.7.8.

During some part of the GUI setup (I don't know the "T" designations) advpack.mui and ieframe.mui aren't found. advpack.mu_ and ieframe.mu_ are in i386.

The only mention I could find on MSFN forums of this issue is http://www.msfn.org/board/files-missing-t99563.html - but there's no resolution, the thread just dies. I've re-downloaded the IE7 installer to make sure it was the latest version, disabled AV to make sure it wasn't interfering...

Again, any ideas?


Host OS - Windows XP

HFSLIP Version - 1.7.8, build 80614

HFSLIP Path - C:\temp\hfslip\

OS in SOURCESS - Windows XP Professional SP3 English

MSIE Version - MSIE7

Drivers - SPX.CAB Added

CD Install Path - Default



Files in your HF folder:











Files in your HFCABS folder:





Files in your HFGUIRUNONCE folder:

Files in your HFSVCPACK folder:

Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder:

Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW2 folder:

Files in your HFTOOLS folder:


Files in your REPLACE folder:


HFSLIP run time: 9m39s

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Yes, it was a network-based install. (BartPE and PE2)

This particular problem was solved w/ the latest version of 2.0. (See above post)

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I believe I am having the exact same problem, although I had thought my install was working perfectly I believe that my use of NLite to create an unattended ISO after using HFSLIP hid this issue. I think NLite must suppress the error messages on install.

Is this an issue? Are these files important? If this does create an issue is there a workaround for this?

Any advice is greatly appreciated,


edit: I discovered this issue while building a flashdrive installer. The post is on a different board on this forum. It's only a few posts long if anyone is interested: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=861854

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