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Odd Hangs


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Is this an Intel or VIA chipset?

EDIT: never mind, I see it´s a VIA chipset... Those need a driver to see the SATA drives.

Make a bootable CD with Nero for example and place the BIOS and flash program on it. That should work...

I should have looked at the linked motherboard before, this could be an incompatibility problem between HDD and motherboard, try to set the drive on SATA 150MB/s and not on SATA 300MB/s.

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This is so extremly annoying. I have tried every goddamned dos boot disc there is, and no success.

With Windows XP's own repair console I can for some reason not run files at all.

With Windows Vista's repair console > Open Command Prompt I can not run files either.

With Ultimate Boot Disc's DOS-bootdiscs I can access anything but the contents of the extracted image (of the DOS-program itself).

PLEASE can SOMEONE help me in finding a sollution that will let me flash the damned BIOS!

I fixed the above - now I can access and run the BIOS flasher program. But guess what, it's not functioning. I type "ADSFI713 nameofthebiosfile.200" and all that comes up is the usage of the program, the /? argument.

I have updated the BIOS through MSI's Live Update, and it also updated a few of my other mobo drivers. I love that program.

Now I'll just have to sit and wait and see whether this fixes itself!

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This is why ASUS motherboards are great... just dump the BIOS image onto a FAT32 formatted USB key and stick it into your computer on bootup. Choose the AWDFLASH option and you're off to the races. :yes:

Let us know how things go!

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The BIOS update did not solve anything :'( . I will check the voltages once I get back home and can fix the thing. It feels kind of hopeless being in Italy right now :/ .

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A LOT of such hangs on old computers are due to motherboards with bad caps, open the case, and see if the tops of the caps are bulging, as well as due to faulty and aging PSUs.

Also, you might want to check your error logs for anything suspicious, and make sure your drivers are all the latest WHQL versions.

When it hangs, does pressing caps lock toggle the light on the keyboard (assuming it has one), or is it responsive to pings? (there's hard and soft hangs, trying to confirm which kind it is)

Try configuring your registry to generate manual crashes (to get crash dumps), i.e. HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters\CrashOnCtrlScroll, new DWORD, value = 1 (I've never seen anyone else use that reg tweak on their installs besides me, or the symbol path for that matter). Then when it hangs, hold the right CTRL key down, and double tap scroll lock. (there's also the possibility of booting in debug mode, and debugging the crashed box over serial or firewire with WinDbg, but that requires good system/debugging knowledge, and being setup to do that...)

On the other hand, I can't say I've been very lucky when it comes to VIA chipsets and stability. Haven't had one in a while though (burn me once...)

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The numlock is still lit when it's down, but it does not respond to anything.

I've checked the voltages with Motherboard Monitor and they all seem to look fine. I've set it up to monitor temperatures and fanspeeds and send email alerts when alarms have been breached. Though I think the problem lies elsewhere.

What if... What if it just is my processors instability? Can it be that simple? The processor can't cope with 72 hours of uptime? When I bought it, the salesman said the s478 Pentium processors were unstable.

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but it does not respond to anything.

Then it's a hard hang, which is most of the time broken hardware.

If it was the CPU, I don't think it would quite last this long before crashing. Socket 478 CPUs don't really have stability problems in general (they're just old, and not particularly fast), the sales guy didn't know what he was saying there (or he did, and wanted to sell you something else more expensive, to make more $)

The motherboard and PSU are the first 2 places I'd look.

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