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nLite + WinXP Pro = Floppy Drive required for Service Pack


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ALL WIN51IP.SPx files have to be empty.

It is possible that ANOTHER file was copied incorrectly, though.

Re-read the previously given links and expecially fdv's advice, in your case of a "doubtful" source, this comment

We need to take the tagfile out of the equation.

is particularly valid.


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1. Removed "Windows" from WIN51IP.SP1. I didn't leave it empty though. I saw win51ip.sp2 had CR/LF. Did the same for SP1.

2. After nLite did the integration of sp2, edited TXTSETUP.SIF:



1 = %cdname%,\win51ip,,\i386

2 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386


Did the same for LAYOUT.INF

3. Searched and replaced both for ,_x, with ,, . BTW, BE CAREFUL, search for comma,underscore,x,comma - don't forget the comma after _x or you'll get a message that "the .SIF file used by Setup is corrupted or missing" - I did.

4.Searched and replaced both for 100, with 1, ( =100 doesn't work because sometime space(s) between the = and the 100 )

5. And now I get:

Please insert the Compact Disc labeled "Windows XP Professional CD-ROM" into ....

So it's not asking for SP2 now, but the install disk. ( Remember I'm using an iso image to install on a kvm virtual machine.)

Any help appreciated.


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As I see it, we need to take another factor out of the equation.

Cannot you borrow a GOOD, standard XP install CD to test it in the kvm?

It is equally possible that the problem is due to either:

1) ANOTHER corrupted file or more generally a .iso problem

2) the install process on the VM

3) ANOTHER until now not pointed out reason


The "new" error you are getting could be due to the "original" WIN51 file.

Another test you can make is to remove/change the tag files:



Also, some semi-random questions:

Which app did you use to create the .iso?

With which syntax/command line?

How big is the .iso?


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OK. I got it to work. If you click through the insert XP Pro CD-ROM message you find it's wanting the asms file ( which is actually a directory, and is on the slipstreamed iso).

After some googling, this appears to be an XP / kvm problem. XP doesn't effectively store it's install source path, it continues to revert to d:/i386, which doesn't exist on a virtual machine.

But close the XP instance. loop mount the kvm xp.img file with some trickery:

mount -t {ntfs | vfat} -o loop,offset=$((63*512)) kvm-xp.img /mnt/loop-mnt

$((63*512)) = 32256, 63 sectors of 512 bytes.

( it's a miracle what google finds )

Now that the kvm image is mounted, put the whole i386 directory in the image.

umount the image.

start the virtual machine. When setup asks for the location on either the sp cd-rom or in install cd-rom, give it c:\i386.

It takes some time ( since it keeps reverting to d:\i386 ) but it'll work eventually.

BTW, now you can use that image file as a virtual machine wherever.


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