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Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source: MS Access Database, OD


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I've used nLite 1.4.5 to strink my Windows 2003 SP1 down making sure not to remove anything that would cause problems with installing Excel 2003 afterwards.

Unfortauntely I'm getting this error:


Can someone tell me what is required (components) in Windows to allow ODBC\ Excel 2003 to install and work?

I've made sure MDAC is installed\reinstalled and if I use a FULL Windows 2003 Server CD it works fine.



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Todo list:

Check eventviewer

Search google f.ex on the various appropiate keywords.

Attach last session.ini, and if anything unordinary components used in the process, custom kernel or anything like that, say so.


Download either OpenOffice or Open Office Portable version.

Stick with that, learn it, be happy.

OpenOffice is taken more and more serious as a valuable office skill, in my country you can take classes to learn it, and it gives valid points when applying for office jobs.

Also its much better imho.

Thirdly, office 2003 is old, consider updating.

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Solution Extracted: http://community.flexerasoftware.com/showthread.php?t=60158

This is most probably a problem with the Windows Installer. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this issue. If you log your installation, at the point of the error, the log file shows that it cannot gain access to a certain registry entry and it returns an error. This error in turn returns the 1919 or 1918 error.

Article Q299611 on microsoft.com suggests that it's due to some corrupted ODBC DLL files. It suggests installing MDAC and then retrying the setup with some system configs. See the article for more details.

Article Q299066 on microsoft.com shows this error on XP machines but it's due to an incompatibility with Office. It's worth taking a look at though since you have this problem on XP.

Articles Q292448, Q295000 show a few more causes of this problem.

I suggest you install MDAC26 and Jet4.0 on this machine and then run your setup. This will install the latest ODBC and Jet rivers and just MIGHT get your setup running. Let me know if you have any further progress. Thanks.

I also I have the same problem with the administrative installation unattended and and not able to resolve. :realmad:

Suggest Install Old MDAC 2.8 restart , post Jet 4 SP8 restart, post Office 2000/2/3

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