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6.5 buglist

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Okay. :P

If you select a language different to english and want to view the manual, WPI gives an error that the translated manual is not present (It replaces 'en' by your locale in the path). Okay, I understand it, but could it be done that WPI first searches if an translated manual is present, and if not, use the english one as default?

If you go to the Windows Options page, the "Show Titlebar" Option (WindowShowTitleBar) setting is always disabled, even if you activated it before. It works, but if you save the options and do not remind to check the titlebar again it does not get used any more.

But, WPI 6.5 rocks! :)

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Hey guys. I downloaded the actual WPI, and in fact, the Manual shows up. But always the english one is showing up. :P

I played with your function in main.js and got it working I hope. First I changed the syntax at FileExists, file:// isn't necessary I think. And I added an else in there, because otherwise it gives an "undefined". :(

function SetupManual()

var tmpLang;

if (!FileExists(""+wpipath+"/Manual/"+Language+"/index.html"))

document.getElementById("layermanual").innerHTML='<a href="file://'+wpipath+'/Manual/'+tmpLang+'/index.html" target="_blank"><img id="OpenManualButton" src="./Themes/Windows/spaced.gif"></a>';

P.S.: I am a noob in programming, so it could be that there is a better way? :P

EDIT: Another thing that I just saw: If you go to the config page and add a new entry (or edit an existing one) and select "Other" as category, there is no new text box to enter the new categories name. The manual (that I am translating atm) says, there would be such a box.

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Right after install if you go to the setup wizard and try to open a setup file...path will be bad.

My path of WPI: c:\WPI\

And it will be: %wpipath%\WPI that will be a bad path. I resolved the issue by modifing configwizard.js line 951 but it's not a decent solution, it just trims four more chars from path:

 str=str.replace(trimpath, '/\s'); //remove the trimpath              //1
str = "\"" + trimpathvar +str.substring(theStart+5,str.length)+"\"";
return str;

Another thing is: if you make dependecies for 2 programs (one to another and vica versa) they will cause a stack overflow error. Can it be checked somehow?

This is a wonderful software. It takes a hell lot time to configure, but the time it saves... Thx a lot!


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SiriusSG, are you installing from a cd/dvd and have done a reboot? In the previous versions of WPI the cdrom check did some I didn't care for. They have been removed in the latest version.

The old cdrom check did a regentry check for where the original Windows was installed from, ie, D: cdrom drive. When you have multiple partitions the cdrom can get pushed up to G:, which happens on my system. That is where the path error arises. Took me a while to track it down. Only did it after a reboot.

Anyway, that has been eliminated and a true check for the first cd/dvd is in place and working.

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I think I have all the bugs worked out. There are some "user specific" ones lingering (network share, etc). The known bugs list SHOULD be blank.

We are looking at August 1st for 7.0 release. Yes, 7.0! I have added so much new stuff and heading in a new direction with themes/skins that it called for a big jump.

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