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DriverPM - driver installer

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DriverPM - program for fast driver matching and installation.

I know, i know, there is "DriverForge" and "Drivers Pack Unpacker & Installer" now. Searching for such program about half a year ago produced no results so i decided to create one. Checking MSFN more often could save me some time :P

Anyway - here it is.



How to use:

1. Copy all drivers into "Drivers" folder. Folder structure is not important. Only archive format that is supported at the moment is zip. Unlike most other types its very fast when extracting individual files from large archives. Adding support for other archive types is relatively easy, might be added in future releases. Again, folder structure is not important, you can put zip files anywhere inside "Drivers" folder.

2. Select "Create new database" from main menu. This process will take 3-10 minutes, depending on the amount of drivers you provided. During that time all INF files are scanned and driver information is added to database.

3. Ready to go. Copy DriverPM folder to USB flash drive (intended use :)) and you can start installing drivers with a single button click.

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher. Limited support for older versions might be added in future releases. 32bit only at the moment (unless you copy drivers and install them manually), 64bit coming soon.

Command line options:

DriverPM.exe [copy|install] [unsigned=0|unsigned=1]

copy - copies all apropriate drivers to Desktop\Drivepack folder

install - attempts to install all apropriate drivers

unsigned=x - allow (1) or disable (0) installation of unsigned drivers


-Add ways to update database without full rescan.

-Full 64-bit support.

-Automatic installation of bus drivers if bus is present (like HDAudio).

-Replace DPInst with custom app using DIFxAPI. DPInst is great for installing single device drivers but lacks progress indicators when installing in bulk. Seeing device list, currently installed one and result for each device would be better.

-Options (enabling unsigned drivers etc.).

-Nice GUI.

Programmed in AutoIT (http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3)

Includes code:

unzip.exe (http://www.info-zip.org/)

sqlite.dll (http://www.sqlite.org/)

DPInst.exe - redistributable taken from DDK (Driver Development Kit). For license information see http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/DIFxtls20.mspx In short - do not modify, dissassemble or hold Microsoft responsible for any damage it may cause. All the usuall stuff.



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Looks very promising and it really is faster than any other driver-installation-program that I've used. :thumbup Unfortunatly it doesn't work on a Dutch Windows version, but on my English one it's doing fine. Maybe a fix for a next version? I'm always a candidate for a testversion :)

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That's great Kenedy! Perhaps yours will also work with PE?

I was actually about to integrate DPInst.exe into my program as well. I have devcon, windows native and HWPNP already.

I especially like your copy function though. Very useful.

Zjokes, it might not work with Dutch because he might have used only the English-US version of the file. The US version is only around 500k and Localized is almost 3000k.

Edited by kickarse

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