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  1. Thanks a lot for the info and giving us such a wonderful tool.
  2. Thanks for the info. DrvComp didnot copy the sys file, so i was confused and i also even read that SourceDiskFiles section would only count.
  3. When I try to access the MSFN Forums - http://msfn.org/board/index.php , i get the following error message. > Board Message Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board You are not logged in, you may log in below Your account username ...................... So I m using proxy to access the forum and it works fine. I can login with my account. So is my IP address being banned?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. But I see .sys files in almost all drivers for XP and Vista. One more question. I have attached a driver. There are two files - ax88140.inf and ax88140.sys ax88140.inf has no SourceDisksFiles Section. But it has: [AX88140.CopyFiles] AX88140.sys,,,2 [DestinationDirs] AX88140.CopyFiles = 12 Driver Compressor doesnot copy the file ax88140.sys into destination. Is this OK? Are only files from SourceDiskFiles section required? Thanks in advance again. AS3.7z
  5. I am extremely very sorry. I m not that good in English. What i should have written is : When there's no a1kxp32.sys file in the source or if it is deleted, why doesnot Driver Compressor show any warning? I wrote destination instead of writing source. Waiting for your reply. AL.7z
  6. 1. Directory Opus 2. Firefox + Extensions 3. Internet Download Manager 4. Notepad++ 5. CCleaner 6. jetAudio 7. IrfanView 8. HijackThis 9. WinRAR 10. 7-Zip 10+1. UniExtract 10+2. PEiD 10+3. ExeInfoPE 10+4. Media Player Classic ...................................................
  7. Try integrating a good download manager such as IDM into your IE and see if it works. Firefox beats IE but MS Updates should be happy with IE.
  8. I use CCleaner frequently and TuneUp occasionally. CCleaner cleans major ones but TuneUp doesit deeply. Love CCleaner though and voted for it.
  9. Here's the driver: http://dipson.110mb.com/files/XP/AS3.7z Its infact DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8053\D\L\AS3 from the LAN DriverPacks. There's a file ax88140.inf accompanied by ax88140.sys ax88140.inf has no SourceDisksFiles Section But it has [AX88140.CopyFiles] AX88140.sys,,,2 [DestinationDirs] AX88140.CopyFiles = 12 So, does the file ax88140.sys need to be there?
  10. Download Link: http://secretexit.com/files/SetupRacingPitch103.exe Got it in a DVD free with a mag. "Can you say VROOM!" Played with friend with two mics all day. Please post any such games.
  11. It comes down to preferences in the end. Opera is definitely more secure and less resource hungry then IE, but then again, every browser beats IE on those 2 things, so it's not exactly a big achievement. It also has a couple cool things, like XHTML+Voice (although it's ultimately useless as no other browser supports it, hence no one uses it). But as for its user interface, I'd personally rank Opera dead last (and by that I don't mean behind just Firefox and IE...) Again, that's my own opinion, someone else just might prefer it precisely for it's UI, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with that either. I've been hooked on Firefox since v0.8 (circa 2004), and until anything else comes with extensions that rival Firefox's I have no plans to switch. I'd buy 2GB of RAM extra for it if I had to in order to use it. The features are totally worth it. Hell, I'd even pay for Firefox if it went commercial. It makes using the web and developing/debugging web apps not suck -- finally. It's an absolutely fantastic tool, especially when combined with some extremely useful extensions (e.g. Web Developer toolbar, Firebug, DOM Inspector, FoxyProxy, Tamper Data, Live HTTP Headers, HttpFox, DownThemAll, etc) Besides, it doesn't really have "caching issues". If you don't like the default value, just change it (or disable it altogether). Lower values will make it use less memory if that's your concern, but it'll make it somewhat slower. 2GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM being ~$30 these days I ain't too worried about it using 200MB (I also currently have VMware, Photoshop, Visual Studio and VirtualDubMod open right now, each of which uses up as much, if not more RAM than Firefox) Edit: also, Adblock Plus is very nice for blocking "ads" for religion-oriented sites in ppl's signatures... Agree everything you say. Extensions I use : Adblcok Plus, Compact Menu, File Title, Flashblock, Greasemonkey, ImgLikeOpera, IETab.
  12. I just use Hijackthis and CCleaner. Prevented Autorun worms from registry tweak. No antivirus and no antispyware.
  13. The custom theme you are using may be giving the problem. Try with the default one.
  14. thanks never knew of the sc command. had to use services.msc MMC to configure the service startup type
  15. Is it possible to enable or start a disabled local windows service from command prompt in Windows XP?
  16. The directory DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8053\D\L\AL has two files a1kxp32.inf and a1kxp32.sys When I select DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8053\D\L\AL as the source and start the compression I get the files a1kxp32.inf and a1kxp32.sy_ in the destination. When there's no a1kxp32.sys file in the destination or if it is deleted, why doesnot Driver Compressor show any warning?
  17. Hey any non-rapidshare mirror please. Maybe in MediaFire or Downtown.vc or ifile.it Thanx.
  18. UE identifies Innos as Zip Archive because TrID says so.

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