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Rebuild only Ultimate version


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As in topic description.

I would like to, preferrably without vlite actually, build iso with only ultimate version, but the "apply" button doesnt show.

Unless i f.ex enable tweaks or unattended or any other option.

So enable tweaks.You can enable them.You dont have to actually change anything(as far as i know).And it should now allow apply to rebuild only Ultimate.

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I havent tried the waik or imagex and those tools, but seems like only way to go.

Are there any particular steps i would need to do to accomplish this? You make it sound so easy =)

It is easy with this tool HERE this tool makes imagex alot easier if you're not into command lines.

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just select vista ultimate and then choose the create iso from the tasks panel and click on create iso as soon as the iso creation start just abort it, then the apply button gets enabled, now you can choose apply->rebuild one and then again you can create the iso which will have only vista ultimate

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Thanks guys! I had the pre-sp1 version for amd64 at 75mb which didnt work for apparent reasons (figured what version it was after it crashed =)),

so i had to download the 1400MB iso. Just to install a tool at 1/20 of the size. Now if that isn't bloated....

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