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Slipstreaming SP3 on Pre SP1 Windows XP


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Anybody care to actually read the link provided by SilverArrow ? I'll quote:

Here is what I found:

Windows XP (Gold): Slipstreaming SP3 seemed to work fine... untill it came to the point I had to activate Windows XP. It would not activate XP over the Internet & could also not update via the phone using the automated system. I didn't speak to a live person about it though. Without activating I couldn't use Windows Update without activating.

Windows XP + SP2: Slipstreaming SP3 worked fine. I also was able to skip putting in the product key during installation (which was not an option with the XP gold 'slipstreamed' version). I had to activate to use Windows Update - which worked without a problem using the Internet activation - but I didn't get any errors on Windows Update, and updates where provided.

Means there is a problem and the guy describes the problem. Now some might have tried other things, or think or heard this or that, it doesn't change anything, does it ? +Wasted disc space is an other (obvious) point of view.

I can't confirm anything as I have no "SP0" disc to start with. Cheers.

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I would really like to be sure, i only have a WinXP Pro x32 CD OEM SP0, all silver + M$ logos + hologramed, pretty... ;)

I also have SP1, SP1a, SP2, & SP3 downloaded; and i'd really like a FULLY functional bootable WinXP SP3 installation CD/DVD, so i keep reading and people don't seem to have settle on one answer.

EDIT: I recommend this link to others who would and are still debating this and would like to know M$'s answer on this subject: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums...9-1da340da02f2/ (Chris Keroack - M$ Release Manager for M$ Windows XP Service Pack 3 says that it is tested, approved, & supported by M$ to integrate SP3 with SP0 on a network share).

Also, why does the OS of the system used in the creation of WinXP Pro x32 SP3 CD/DVD via nLite effect the result? Or am i just reading that wrong?

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