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Q1: Is there a guide with screenshots?

A1: http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...st&p=143701

You should also have a look at the Help files in \Help_Info folder.

Note/addition by jaclaz on 15/05/2013:

I happened by pure chance to come across another guide with screenshots, that though aimed at HP's, can be of general use, here:


Q2: I am getting BSOD, error 0x0000006F during Text mode Setup, what is wrong?

A2: When using Nlite to slim down your source do NOT select "Operating System Options-->Manual Install and Upgrade for removal". This option is crucial for installing from USB.


Q3: I get BSOD 0x0000007B during text mode of Setup.

A3: On some motherboards USB booting is tricky, common example are many Dell systems. Try using a modified NTDETECT.COM as mentioned here:


Another reason could be missing mass storage driver. Make sure you have it, or integrate BTS mass storage driver pack in your source. This must be done AFTER Nlite.

Q4: I am getting HAL.DLL or NTOSKRNL.EXE not found error, why?

A4: You are installing Windows to a disk/partition other than first disk/first partition. Amend BOOT.INI on USB disk to reflect your setup.

For example- if installing windows on SECOND disk/third partition, and FOLDER name is MYWIN, that line in BOOT.INI should look like:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(3)\MYWIN="2. GUI Mode Setup Windows XP, Continue Setup + Start XP from HD 1" /FASTDETECT

Please note that rdisk(0) means first hard disk. Because we are booting from USB disk it becomes first, hence the first internal hard disk (which is second when start counting from our USB disk) gets rdisk(1), second- rdisk(2) and so on.

Q5: What Windows versions can be used?

A5: The method works without issues using Windows XP SP2.

If using others than this (2000, 2003, XP x64, XP SP1...), some compressed files will be deleted from your USB disk when installation is completed. In order to preform a new installation you will have to syncronise I386 (and AMD64 for x64) folders in your source and USB disk.

You may want to use KillCopy for example and copy YourSource\I386(and AMD64 for x64) to USB disk\$WIN_NT$.~LS\ telling it to skip all existing files.

Q6: How about installing multiple Windows from USB?

A6: Please read this guide:


Q7: How about adding multiple (Bart)PE on the same USB?

A7: Please look here:


Q8: I got "Insert WinXP CD" Error, why?

A8: The correct value in WINNT.SIF is MsDosInitiated="1". This is done automatically by the script. You must have changed WINNT.SIF after prepared USB disk.

Q9: I cannot start my freshly installed windows without the USB disk

A9: When installing you have to leave USB disk plugged in until after first normal windows desktop. This is because at first logon undoren.cmd is executed, which amends BOOT.INI on your new disk using binifix.cmd, and also renames 2 folders and txtsetup.sif back to their original names.

If you are in such situation and don't want to reinstall, manually start UNDOREN.CMD and BINIFIX4.CMD located in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder with the USB disk connected.

Q10: I want to use [unattended] section in WINNT.SIF

A10: It shoudn't be used when installing from hard disk like media. Setup will not ask you where to install windows to.

Look here for workaraounds:



In recent versions $OEM$\$1 and $OEM$\$$ folders are copied by REN_FOLD.CMD, which is executed at T-9 by the Section [setupParams] of winnt.sif file) as usual to systemdrive (usually C:\) and systemroot (usually C:\WINDOWS) respectively if found.

Q11: Will my Nlite add-ons install as if installing from a CD?

A11: Generally- yes.

Q12: Everything on USB disk was deleted after Setup, why?

A12: You have replaced WINNT.SIF after executed the script, there are number of lines added and removed by it. You should change it before launching the script, so it can add and remove the lines required.

Q13: My hard disk got letter F(G,E...), why?

A13: If you have a card reader or any other USB mass storage disable it or turn off prior to installation.

If you cannot, then partition the hard disk during Text mode Setup, then quit using F3, reboot and start Setup again. Once you have partitioned and formatted hard drive, it should get letters starting from C:.

Q14: What is RDUMMY.SYS used for?

A14: Look here for detailed answer:


Q15: I have a mixed SATA and IDE disks/CD/DVDs, any problem with that?

A15: If you are installing on SATA/SCSI disk, while having IDE present, preferred boot drive may become your USB disk, this is bad, Setup will overwrite MBR/bootsector and (re)place boot files on it.

If during TEXT MODE your usb disk is listed first when SETUP searches for disks , above SATA/SCSI disks, disable in BIOS IDE channels including the ones with CDROM/DVD attached or just disconnect them temporarily, this should fix the order.

Do not continue install if USB disk is listed first, this will corrupt files and MBR on it. Details:


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