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UXTender 1.2


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i'm using russian XP SP3

and i can't patch uxtheme with your patch - the Patch button is shady :(

did you ever get this problem fixed? because i'm actually having this problem with it right now and i can't seem to fix it. :(

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Hi, I'm new here and I need help using NLite Ok. I made all my cab files and intergraded them into the windows xp disk "I'm Using Windows XP Sp3 Eng" Ok when I got finished with all that I made an ISO File and burned it to CD. However when I tried to install what I did I somehow can not get the desktop to show up. It gets to the Log In Screen and then when I click on a user name it show a black screen and then restarts. Please tell me what am I doing wrong.

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... and this Link is dead as a doornail

I would define that surprisingly, after some 4 years. :unsure:


However, Wayback Machine to the rescue :), here:


and with the usual amount of trickery (mostly smoke and mirrrors ;))



(should be it, though I haven't actually checked the version).



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