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Network and Sharing Controle Panel not open


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I need information.

I use Vlite 1-1-6 RC and wish a Vista 32 bits without IE, Aero and etc. For Internet dial up and wireless, game and multimedia.

Vlite rebuild the setup. The problem is that "Network and Sharing Center" in Control Panel menu have a problem.

I click and opens the window of the "Network and Sharing Center" with the message "This Page Not Load" (IE HTML Engine not removed) and it doesn't show the configurations.

What resources i must maintain to have that control panel working correctly ?

I thank the creator of that software for that great help.

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Well in 64bit (slipstreamed, but shouldn't matter?) it showed that Can't Load blank page until I returned few dlls.

Now that I think of it in 32bit I could not confirm it.

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I remove Diagnostics and Offline files in my x64 Vista Ultimate SP1, and I never had problems with the network and sharing center. Perhaps it's caused by slipstreamed SP1? I use preintegrated iso. (Even without SP1 I never had problems like this.)

I attached my .ini as well, perhaps it helps.

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hi all

I exposed the same problem in an other post (Apr 15 2008, 12:51 AM)

so I stick it here, unfortunnatly have no solution

need help for x64 ultimate french + SP1

basic necessary respected

x64 ultimate french + SP1 without vLite = ok

x64 ultimate french (on x64) + SP1 by vLite (nothing off) =

many options disapear straight away

no more network connection even by the classical way

no sharing center as well (indeed I don't need it)

all this windows stay blanks


tVdP, that's weird. First are you clear on the select=remove component part?

Were you slipstreaming on a clean installation files, not previously vLited or anything integrated?


Yes all clear

Slipstream from clean installation and nothing integrated

I think there's something to see before RC here.

If I can help sending something... ask plz

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Hmm.Previously this has not caused problems for me.Ive removed offline files and kept diagnostics and NSC has always functioned properly.Gonna test in few days if it causes problems for me now.

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Well in 64bit (slipstreamed, but shouldn't matter?) it showed that Can't Load blank page until I returned few dlls.

Hi nuhi, mind letting us know which dlls to return? Got the same problem with my slipstreamed vista x64 sp1...

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excuse the delay.

with recent version vlite using sp1 slipstream.

diagnostics is the problem.

Vlite with that ini for a system for game and video editing.

Video editing for moment is ok.

For game has problem with Need for Speed PRO Street and Crysis.

NFS "memory it cannot be read" and Crysis "File not found". maybe SP1 ?

The machine is AMD Ahtlon 64 X2 4000 with 1GB RAM. In same machine With original Vista Ultimate without SP1 run NFS and Crysis OK.

I already created several dvds (+ 12) to discover the mistake, but still without results.

Please, the files



are respectively that resource ?

any help I thank


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