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  1. More of than 10 dvds burned. It was a war. Snipping Tool is sufficient for Inkball and TabletPC not. Network Center Control Panel working well. The problems are 2. ASUS PC Probe 2 open with a error message "error in aasp.dll" and after start working without problem. Application Experience not work, but i not delete from Vlite. Crysis OK. All emulators (MAME, PCSX2 etc) working very well without problems. Last_Session.ini
  2. Vista have a new feature. If adjusts slide of the volume for each program Vista save the setting. If removes IE loses this not save. tomorrow i send the ini. Another detail. Update for future version. Inkball not require tabletpc. Snipping Tool is the sufficient. God blesses all.
  3. Hello. With Vista Ultimate started, the command in Windows Explorer for compress the hd with NTFS the system ignores several files (in use) and they are not compacted. Have any way to force the compression of all of the files in use in HD excluding the boot files of the system ? or during the setup to create a partition NTFS in compact mode and with more space for MFT ? Vista Home Premium it is faster and it consumes less ram that Vista ? Home Premium support dual core cpus ? Thanks.
  4. excuse the delay. with recent version vlite using sp1 slipstream. diagnostics is the problem. Vlite with that ini for a system for game and video editing. Video editing for moment is ok. For game has problem with Need for Speed PRO Street and Crysis. NFS "memory it cannot be read" and Crysis "File not found". maybe SP1 ? The machine is AMD Ahtlon 64 X2 4000 with 1GB RAM. In same machine With original Vista Ultimate without SP1 run NFS and Crysis OK. I already created several dvds (+ 12) to discover the mistake, but still without results. Please, the files Windows\System32\ndfapi.dll Windows\System32\cscapi.dll are respectively that resource ? any help I thank Last_Session.ini
  5. Hello. I need information. I use Vlite 1-1-6 RC and wish a Vista 32 bits without IE, Aero and etc. For Internet dial up and wireless, game and multimedia. Vlite rebuild the setup. The problem is that "Network and Sharing Center" in Control Panel menu have a problem. I click and opens the window of the "Network and Sharing Center" with the message "This Page Not Load" (IE HTML Engine not removed) and it doesn't show the configurations. What resources i must maintain to have that control panel working correctly ? I thank the creator of that software for that great help.

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