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Windows Live Messenger incompatible

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My theory is that this is a security thing. They blocked the install on servers, because realistically no sane corporate IT person is installing IM software on servers. XP64 unfortunately got caught up in this since it's based on 2003 Server code. Again, just my theory.

Not so much a theory tho is that getting the straight MSI and installing it will bypass this and it works fine.



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Or even much much better get WLM portable 8.5 final also available is 9.0 beta.

Then simply extract and copy that msn folder to where you want, and ALL your settings and icons and conversations and everything related to that MSN is in that folder. You can use it on any windows.

Problem solved forever and forever. If wanting to update, simply update the files inside the folder. Work perfect.

Perfect solution. Tried and tested in 2003 x64, xp x64 vista x64, xp 32bit, as in here.

No need to EVER reinstall msn upon installing windows, just start&go, no installs ever ever ever again.

Much profit! Portable Forever!

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