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Accused of breaking the rules


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http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-95-Launc...it-t115099.html - A moderator has closed this thread under section 2c of the MSFN rules, which states

2.c Requesting help with academic material, such as assignments, is not permitted on MSFN. Receiving such help is often viewed as plagiarism in many schools, and therefore cannot be allowed. This is for your own protection in your academic career.

The thread, however is not asking for academic help. The post is original research of which anyone who heard about the Windows 95 launch at the time could answer, with no academic knowledge. The section states that the rule's scope covers anyone who asks for support writing an academic document or assignment, it does not cover original research, properly citing the author of any quotes used.

The following reasons are why I believe the locking was an incorrect decision:

  • The thread is a "share your memories" type question, with no academic information being asked for or implied
  • The section clearly infers that it covers cheating in academic material, however this thread covers original research, with cited sources.
  • The explanation of the rule is that it protects the academic careers of posters, original research does not in any way threaten the academic career of the thread poster.

If the thread is in violation, I would appreciate a further explanation as to how my post is in violation of section 2c. of the MSFN rules so that I do not repeat this.

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shoulda kept reading:

8. Has the thread you started or participated in been moved, closed or deleted? Check with the forum moderator via PM. Under no circumstances start threads asking why other threads were moderated. Forum moderation is not up for public debate, such threads will be deleted and the thread starter warned. MSFN reserves the right to edit, delete or move posts made on this site.
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I agree with the decision made 100%. It was closed for a reason and a very valid one.

I'm doing a University paper on the Windows 95 launch, If anyone here remembers the launch I'd love to hear your experiences, or if you played with Chicago (before 24/8/95) it would be cool to hear about that.

There's a blimmin' lot of articles about it, so I'm expecting it would've been quite memorial to many people in the IT field.

You stated that you're doing a University paper (which is academic material) and asking others for their experiences would count as aiding your research. No matter how you may paraphrase it, you were asking for academic assistance.

If we make an exception for one person, then we would have to make exceptions for everyone. Should that be the case then there would be no point in having rules. Rules are rules and every one of us must follow them. :)

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