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Make a Nlited XP Pro version using 'XP MCE'


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My question is simple:

Can I use a version of XP MCE (I have the original discs) to make me a Nlited version of XP pro (without the MCE)?

I don't really need the extras from MCE, but all i have is a version of XP MCE.

Hope someone can give me an answear!

Best regards,

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Hmm, but I only got my MCE serial...

Does anyone know this? Can I skip cd2, and not include it?

You need to pay for different versions of Windows, if you want Professional Edition, the only legal way of obtaining Professional is by buying it.

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I absolutely know that. I'm not interested in getting XP Pro illegal.

I only want to use my copy of XP in any way possible. And I can and should - because I've payed for it!

My MCE edition consists of XP (Pro or Home) with the extra addition of Media Center functions.

Please, someone tell me: Can I strip down my MCE edition, and get a very small version of Win XP - without the MCE functions.

Still waiting... :-)

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It wont say "Professional", but all the features will be there. MCE was based on Professional. The only thing it's missing is Active Directory, which I highly doubt you'll be using

As far as I know, you should be able to remove the features. Having just made an XP Pro disc last night, I do remember seeing the options for removal of Media Center

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Yes, Media Center is one of the Compatibility options that can be protected from removal during the nLite process, so yes, it can be removed.

I also can confirm that Media Center is Professional without Active Directory functionality. Perhaps that registry key that XP Professional users change to make XP think it is MCE could help in your quest...

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And I can and should - because I've payed for it!

Actually you only payed for the rights to use the sofware not the right to modify, resell or abuse it in any way. If you read MS's stupid EULA you'll soon realize by using windows you are actually loosing more rights than you gain. It's more of a "I rented it" dealy... Some even theorize that MS's EULA gives them rights to your PC.

I do however fully support the use of nLite and yes you can strip out the MCE components.

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