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6.4 and above lang translations!

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For the french speaking users, I have make translation of Help System

Unpack archive wpi_help_fr.zip in the Manual folder

Pour les utilisateurs en langue française, j'ai fait une traduction du système d'aide

Décompresser l'archive zip wpi_help_fr.zip dans le dossier WPI\Manual

If you want, you can make it available on WPI Home Page

Best Regards

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To make a WPI lang file in your language please just open lang_en.js in the Lang folder and translate all of the english sections. Then post here so we can share with everyone else...

A little add:

and don't forget to update variable lang = 'xx'; at beginning of the file with your country code, otherwise some messages may be undefined or not translated

By example lang_hu.js --> lang = 'hu'; (Hungarian translation have this mistake in 6.4)

Best Regards

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I translated the new WPI 6.5 manual into german! Just extract it into the Manual folder. :)

Additionally I changed some strings to better fit the meanings of the options.

Perhaps the manual and the updated lang file can be included in the next version of WPI. :P

I know that I'm going on your nerves. :D

EDIT: Both are included in WPI 6.5.1!

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The french manual with translated pictures (to extract in folder Manual) .

Le manuel en français à extraire directement dans le dossier WPI/Manual

Edit see below

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