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[Release] Microsoft Update x64 Addon


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Microsoft Update x64 Addon

Microsoft Update is a tool similar to Windows Update, but that may eventually replace Windows Update. Upon visiting the Microsoft Update site, the Microsoft Update ActiveX Control scans your computer to see what updates are available for various Microsoft Software products, including Windows, Office, and a few others.

This addon slipstreams Microsoft Update into Windows XP x64 SP2.

Note that upon visiting Microsoft Update for the first time, the default security settings of Internet Explorer will prompt you to RUN the control. Do not be fooled by the warning, and think it is asking you to install, it is not. This can be disabled by a registry patch that you run at GUIRunOnce, if you like, but I do not offer that patch.

Language: English

File Size: 3.46 MB

MD5: 102AC563F55DD2C3C03265B40D52B74A

Download: MediaFire

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I tested it with a WinNT32 install but got copy errors during textmode and GUI mode setup and aborted the setup.

I did not get those copy errors with the Boooggy version, but also that caused problems after installation.

-This may be due to MS IE7 installer integration with nLite.

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