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Installation DVD not working as expected (dr-dos?)


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Greetings fellow programs,

I was wondering how you set up nLite to boot an installation disk normally? I don't know what I did wrong so excuse this newbie if I'm retreading on old territory. I keep getting dr-dos instead of the installation starting. Is this what's supposed to happen? How can I change the disc so that it boots straight into the installation?

Thanks in advance! :hello:

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nLite is making the disk to be bootable or not (a bug...). What is your preset? What did you add to that disk? Maybe you are booting from other drive...

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Its sounds like either as above "booting from another source"


it looks like you have used a 3rd party app to create your iso "maybe nero" and have ticked make bootable ...

nlite will create the .ISO for you save to your desktop.. and open with poweriso and click burn..

i think "dr-dos" is a addon with nero for creating bootable disks..

anyway good luck and keep us posted

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"quick responses"

No problem i am new here myself and others have been very quick to help me, so i thought i would try and help, like i said im new so that may not be correct, you may have to wait for a more experienced user to inform you

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Actually I did use nero to burn the disc. So I guess that must be it.

ISO is not a file that you put on the cd while asking Nero to make the cd bootable. It's the whole cd image. You have to use the menu "burn image" or something like that, then you select your iso file as image to be burned.

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