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    Windows 7

    I found your site 12 months ago still getting my head around these unattended installs all tho of late i haven't mucked one up so i must be learning. Anyway its come to my attention (was actually google'n internet explorer 7) but i found a site that is all Windows 7 <-- that site. After reading i a few articles i have some questions, will we be able to use do the unattended install with windows 7 ? will we need to damm format as often as xp and vista ? how is / when should i move to Windows 7 ? Is anyone using windows 7 and if so what are your thoughts, its seems it has the same hype as vista and well after all the bad things i heard about vista i never upgraded from xp, just used you site to learn how to tweak the hell out of it hehe. hehe lots of questions so keep this as a general discussion, dont have to answer all all tho would be helpful. Would love feedback in general as i said i skipped vista and this time around i think i should keep up with the crowd.
  2. mate think you will have to re build.. stop wasting cd's / dvd's download virtualbox (google it) and you can install on virtual machine... and test before you copy.. just run it from iso format rather than burn each time you change something excellent little app i am testing away here my self.. wasted a few dvd's at first but was put on thi program..
  3. " arabic as the language instead of English " If you mean "after its done its thing" as in completed it... during the install one of the tabs as you put you code in the is a language option, or you have even removed this as you have slimmed down your windows .. i think maybe start from the beginning and dont load any presets and just take your time with it
  4. as above.. this is what i have done.. - extracted files from the exe. (nvidia_forceware******.exe) into a folder i created in my (Win_XP source folder) d:\custom_win\drivers\display\(files were extracted here) d:\custom_win\drivers\chipset\ d:\custom_win\drivers\lan\ d:\custom_win\drivers\sound\ d:\custom_win\drivers\misc\ and when setting up in nlite ive found that using multi folder instead of just pointing a one .ini works for me note: add chipset drivers first. hope that helped
  5. your card is supported by general forceware software.. this is a link to the latest drivers http://downloads.guru3d.com/ForceWare-174.53-XP-(32-bit-)-download-1884.html Please note: 8600 GT is a weak card ... it is good for moves & general use, but gaming it wont be great.. my budget had me buy one of these cards and as it was using (512mb)ddr2 i thought same as you regarding performance, so i returned it and paid the extra $40 for less ram (256mb) but of quality DDR3 and now i can game and the card aint half bad for what i need it for. just check your card if its using ddr2 ram that will be why your card lacking perforance
  6. Noob here again.. ok after playing around withe nlite all is working great, altho once install and and lots of apps the desktop is then cluttered with shortcuts, i dont mind moving manually if i have to but while i have some spare time to work on this lil project id like to be able to have a batch / script / any method that works do this for me... here's a screen shot of my current desktop, i have made 3 menus on the taskbar.. appz,gamez & media playerz... how would i go about having the menus created during the windows install or after or even runonce(i dont really understand runonce yet) do this and send the shortcuts from the desktop into their appropriate taskbar folders.. they are currently reading from folders inside my "My Documents" folder.. really enjoying learning this stuff, so i little example will push me in the right direction and i can take it from there.. so if someone could take some time to help me do this id really appreciate this.. even point me in the right direction of some example code of a batch file would help me heaps ok thanks guys...
  7. "quick responses" No problem i am new here myself and others have been very quick to help me, so i thought i would try and help, like i said im new so that may not be correct, you may have to wait for a more experienced user to inform you
  8. "PLEASE NO KISSING!!! lol" we skipped that part B) straight to the fun parts yeah yeah ima all lovey dovey now but only cause its working, not much i tamper with works lol, i do try tho, and for someone to offer a reasonable explanation, that is reason for joy... now i just need help getting my current .exe theme into a .theme file so i can import via nlite thanks guys
  9. OI alot to be GAINED !!! read my "im a noob thread" above this... it helped me from pulling my hair out !! not sure why it jumped up so much in numbers... 33** to 5503 but i can justify that as my HD onboard Audio is now working fine and wasn't with older releases !!! realtek HD 1.89 just released and running fine on 5503
  10. Its sounds like either as above "booting from another source" or it looks like you have used a 3rd party app to create your iso "maybe nero" and have ticked make bootable ... nlite will create the .ISO for you save to your desktop.. and open with poweriso and click burn.. i think "dr-dos" is a addon with nero for creating bootable disks.. anyway good luck and keep us posted
  11. "but for the life of me I can't understand why you couldn't install the other drivers" that was an error on my behalf, i was pointing to a single inf, when i need to select the multi-file (folder).. and as for the service pack, there was no support for HD audio in the older sp3 service packs.. but thanks everyone for you input, this is a great tool, i really wish i had found a long time ago, i was selling custom built pc's at once stage and customers always calling me up saying this & that wasn't working or something was wrong, but on soo many occasions they had been "testing out" apps they had no idea how to use and so on... well for now i have no reason to move to vista, so this tool will still come in very handy. I do have another question tho... (tell me if i should make a new thread about it) but my question is: I have found a really nice basic (vista style theme) in .EXE format can i somehow add this to my custom_windows dvd ?? via nlite ?? i have seen the theme section in nlite but seems it asks for a .theme extension..
  12. "virtualbox is perfect for testing like this " too right it is... Awesome freeware app to test... saves alot of time too thats going to help me alot to tweak my custom disk
  13. Update: working 100% "Witt3439" Thanks 1 hour after reading your post i now have a nice clean install chipset/sound/lan/video drivers all installed .. really appreciate your help, now i know it will work 100% i can start tweaking and testing regards me
  14. "Witt3439" Never kissed a guy before (hence im not gay.. but you'll be my first if i ever do) Mate for 2 days now ive sat here trying to work out whats going on.. just about to take a hammer to the onboard sound ... geeeeeeezzzz THANKS HEAPS !!! im using the slightly older SP3 so going to download this newer one now and hopefully slip that in over the top of the current one.. and ill get back to a new nlite dvd tomorrow.. this missing sound has been putting me off nlite .. anyway thanks again your a lifesaver... (havn't tested yet, ill update once ive done it) THANKS
  15. Thanks mate.. looks interesting.. looking into it now, ive had some sleep so hopefully by the end of the day i get a little bit closer to where i need to be thanks for posting
  16. "keygen" ... hmmmm might want to rework that you would like to put in your "PAID FOR" serial number...
  17. thanks for reply.. But i have to admit im a noob... all i want is the following: (please advise me if this is possible) - windows xp (integrated sp3) - a few apps, well not a few enough to pack a full dvd - i do own software i have paid for, (id like to be able to not have to fill in the serial number each time i format tho) my pc [ p35-ds3p (onboard sound HD realtek) / e8400 / / 8600gt / 2 gig ram ] - i would really like someone to explain to me how to get these drivers integrated as for the life of me im yet to get a driver to install by its self i can get apps to install easy enough.. my main concern is drivers at the moment... anyone out there get drivers to install correctly ??
  18. to all who said hardware means bugga all with boot speed, well in general your correct... BUT (lol) when i wrote my post above i was very tired and wasn't very clear when i said "HARDWARE" below is what i had in mind, i was about to buy one of these as 4 gig ram here easily under $100-, but my HDD packed up and i had to buy a new one.. before you view this if you havn't already seen these around (now would be a good time to hide your wallets) product: Gigabyte Iram - $160 (AUD) pricetag so not to bad.. + ram 4g= $100-(AUD) 4 second boot: power on to windows ready http://youtube.com/watch?v=1PiYgBhAkAM anyway for more on that google "gigabyte iram" To "bledd" THANK YOU for your VirtualBOX tip working a charm.. i can now test alot quicker (i highly recommend this)
  19. strange this, this was on of the addons i added and it worked for me... dont know why not working for you guys, im new to all this lol so i cant tell you what i did to make it work other than add it to hotfix area
  20. As title says this was my first crack at using this, Firstly to the creators of this THANK YOU.. Ok i wasn't expecting my first attempt to actually work, but well it somewhat did, better than i expected anyway. i am a newb and have alot of reading on your forums to do to try and get a better understanding of this app, but as this was my first attempt i didn't remove as much as i would have liked, and i ran into a few issues: - unable to get my onboard sound working (was working fine under normal install) - after adding drivers for my video card,mobo chipset & sound drivers, non of these appeared to be installed once windows installation was complete. - i managed to slipstream a few apps in from someone "my apps" thread and all went very smoothly. anyway back to the drawing boards 2nd attempt now.. i'll keep updating this thread as a some form of newb guide in the hope it helps others in the same boat have less hassles.. Any advice or comments to my problems are welcomed thanks
  21. boot speed really comes down to you hardware, im new to this and only creating my first custom windows now.. i'll get back to you and let you know my exp with this.. its windows so 90% should be removed lol im removing just about everything i wont have time to make a list, but should this work i'll try and give you an idea of what i ripped out... i only use for web/movies/web design/gaming... so crap like notepad and along those lines are going out the window (yayy another windows joke ...) anyway creating now and formating in about 1 hour.. i'll create a thread based on my exp and link you up

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