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avast is starting to get annoying

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ive had it for a while i got it here i think it was in some malware prevention package a moderator sent me to his site to get it.

but now its saying my home edition is done, and it wants me to upgrade and i dont want to. and it wont go away, a red box pops up in the corner every day... i have to click on it, then exit out of the browser it opens.. (it wants me ot sign up for a registration key but i already did a few times and nothing is coming of it, i got the key.. then nothing to do with it..)

is there any other free, quality program that i can use?

or can someone help me w/ avast to get it working back to normal


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well i just unistalled it and installed AVG..

but idk if that was the appropriate solution or what

AVG is my favorite free av. In the past Avast would give me too many false positives. AVG doesn't hog up too many resources either.

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I did this on a friend's PC just the other day.

First you have to get rid of that enormous screen (which invites you to register or upgrade) which pops up, or you'll never see anything behind it. On the taskbar, right-click and select CLOSE.

Right-click on the "a" of Avast's icons on the system tray - select "about Avast"

On the window which opens, you'll have a button which allows you to enter the new key for the Home version.

Yes - I'm wondering why they made it so difficult as well.

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For the one who said install avg u are in trouble that avg locks viruses in the system and wont let u delete them and keeps letting them download more its garbage

Avast is the best of all of them i have tested and tried them all and i work on computers and always removing viruses from my friends and others who dont listen when u tell them not to click on them stupid popups from some sites

and avast only prompts u when the serial or demo time is about to expire just signup for another its free and is good for a year and click delete delete and virus it finds nothing serous ever gets in ,only if u dont update.

the pro version is real good scans all nothing gets in

and it dont hog the system or freeze like others do.

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