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Vista without WMP11 - anyone?


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I always get some problems when WMP is removed from XP using nlite. But I haven't tested with WMP11 in Windows Vista yet. Is anyone using Vista without WMP11? Doesn't it break anything while watching streaming video over the web or within gaming?

Thanks for any input on this issue.



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It works fine for me with a vLited install of the OEM SP 1 disc. WMIdiags says there are some dependencies I missed for Parental Controls, however. No kids here, but my next install will have Parental Controls again.


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Doesn't it break anything while watching streaming video over the web or within gaming?

I don't use WMP nor IE, I hardly ever watch streaming stuff (as in wmv streams) on the net, and if im not watch video steams, I have another solution which I still haven't used, it' the active-x whatever plugin so you can watch wmv streams on FF.

Second, most streams (as in flash built in players with another codec)) that I have encountered only requires adobe's and nothing els.

And what has it to do with gaming at all? Give me some examples here...

I removed WMP for good, like early 2003 and it has stayed like that ever since.

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Which extensions file you can use with only wmp codec ?

You mean the one built in?

I always install vista codec package so if I don't need them i will remove them.

I assume it installs eveything els that the native wmp codec pack hasn't. If not, then it's just a full load of BS unless the decoders can handle their tasks faster.

Like any native "wmp codec" pack it comes with wmv decoding/filetype (container) support and MPEG2 support, unless that's built in with "most" players? :P

I think they actually added XviD/DivX and possibly H.264 (but I doubt it) decoding

support, but I could be wrong.

For those that still haven't learned their lesson:

There exists both filetypes/containers and video codecs for example WMV/DivX and H.264 (being raw/uncompressed in this case)

There is a difference on filetypes and containers. I suggest you wiki/google (try doom9) it up for you own concern.

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