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Why do i need to makelocalsource actually?


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Why do i need to makelocalsource actually? since to me, the localsource setup looks the same as one without(from a regular CD). and the speed seems the same too. does making localsource makes the process faster or maybe without localsource i do not have the necessary files?

err... quite embarrassed :} , i seem to be asking too much... lol

but i think i just want to understand what i am doing better rather than using automated scripts not understanding what is done. but the script make things really alot easier.

1 day after my exams, abt 2 weeks from now i think i try to read the historical thread... 25 pages :w00t: 486 posts. if someone have got too much time can extend the guide with some references on what does the steps actually do? but i guess its too much :P

zzz exams... the education system seems to be flawed... many ppl just memorize for exams and forget them after exams. then whats the use of studying???

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iceangel89, sorry, but I do not understand what you are talking about, so I'll try to guess :)

Setupldr.bin supports 2 modes- from CD and HD media. In first case folder I386 is used, in second ~BT for boot and ~LS for installation files.

In order to install from HD like media, this includes USB disks/sticks, you do have to have the 2 folders ~BT and ~LS, unless you hexedit setupldr.bin and possibly few other files. The easiest way to prepare them is to launch WINNT32.EXE with /makelocalsource switch. Include /system:X: and /tempdrive:X: and you can direct where source will be made.

The other way as to prepare them is by parsing DOSNET.SIF, what was implemented by Wimb in the last few versions, using Siginet's work.

Does that all make any sense now?

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hmm... abit better.

what i tried to ask has been answered by u, i think. maybe i just don't quite get the whole picture. after my exams i'll try to read the historical thread then see if i can understand it.

what i am asking is actually, since the install from HDD process looks the same (speed, once files are copied, and procedures), text mode then proceeds to GUI, i am wondering why do i need to make local source. is there a way to run the text mode install without the makelocalsource? because i was wondering since running from CD, it can somehow boot and install, from I386 u say, i was thinking why is make local source needed.

but i think what u answered makes sense. for HDD boot i need the ~BT for booting maybe. but i am sure CD needs a booting folder/file some where? i can't just use that? maybe the boot process is different?

and 1 more thing, an install from CD will still make Local Source in the install partition? or is local source designed for booting from HDD only? don't think so right? cos if thats the case, one would not need to hack and all to make the install work? i got this idea because i think the ~BT and ~LS folders will be deleted after GUI setup? so its like temp folders?

sorry quite bad at explanations, and after so many questions i cant get u people.

but u people are professional system admins i guess?

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