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[Release] QTTabBar v1.2.2.1 and QTAddressBar v0.9.6


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QTTabBar v1.2.2.1

QTTabBar is an Add-In that gives Tab Browsing Feature to your Explorer. Folder grouping, histories, etc.


QTAddressBar v0.9.6

QTAddressBar is a Vista address bar clone for XP.



  • This is a GUIRUNONCE addon (installs at first logon) which means UNATTENDED mode must be enabled in NLite.
  • .NET Framework 2 or higher must be installed prior either via SVCPACK (.NET 2 only) or GUIRUNONCE (.NET 3 or 3.5)
  • If .NET Framework is to be installed via GUIRUNONCE, then it must be higher up in the order such that it gets installed prior to the execution of this addon

Website :: QTTabBar and QTAddressBar

Changelog :: QTTabBar and QTAddressBar

File size :: 644 KB (660,438 bytes)

MD5 :: EFD15DF444F98C284851CB1B2D8EFAA6

Main :: MediaFire

Mirror :: badongo

Mirror :: box.net

Mirror :: DivShare

Mirror :: Uploading

Credits :: Thanks to ricktendo64 for requesting the developers to add a silent switch and for sharing it (discussed here) :thumbup

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i randomly picked one of you're topics just to say: i feel a lot much better now, thank you!

in hope guys :when you have the time to kill do it in such a great way

simple clean and outstanding work ...

thanks :hello:

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add it to the "hotfixes, addons and update packs" section

Thanks for your reply. But it says i need .NET frameworks to be installed first, and i don't have a .net framework under hotfixes, as i said it is "Run Once" at first login as a switchless AIO .exe

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did you read the first post where it very clearly states under the notes section that this addon requires .net framework to be installed prior. you should download ryanvm's or roguespear's addon for .net framework v2 that installs via svcpack and this addon shouldn't give any further problems

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