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  1. Thanks for this really useful guide. I just have one question, and I appologise if its been asked before. I only have a SATA optical drive + 2 x SATA hard disks (with an additional e-sata port). My chipset is intel 975 (shuttle sd37p2 barebones). I can't find any information on Jmicron ports in the manual. Will I be able to install windows with from my optical drive using SATA AHCI mode (no IDE) set in the BIOS? I can't think what other options I have, because i have no floppy drive. I could arrange to borrow an IDE optical drive, but that would only be temporary. In this case, could i simply operate the BIOS in 'enhanced mode' (sata + IDE) for installation, and then switch to "SATA-only" once XP is installed?
  2. I have no errors in device manager at the moment... I might try using some unofficial drivers (i think there's one for my card by omega) What do u think?
  3. thanks for your reply ripken204 What would you recommend as a method for confirming this? I suppose i could always try a copy of XP SP2 and install the video drivers first before windows update.
  4. Well i don't think I've ever used a computer before where there's tearing even watching streaming youtube video Surely that's not normal...
  5. Specs XP SP3 SD37P2 E6600 2GB Dual DDR2 ATI HD 3650 Catalyst 8.6 I don't really know where to begin. This problem has been going on for a while now. I've tried all the obvious things, and am now working with a fresh install of Windows XP SP3. I first noticed something was up when I installed my new graphics card (Passive HD 3650 by Club 3D). Whenever I watched a video file whether on my hard drive or streaming (youtube, iplayer etc) I got strange horizontal lines all over the screen. After a bit of research I discovered a lot of information about solving this kind of issue, but everything I read gave the same answer - Turn on wait for V-Sync in ATI Catalyst Control. Some also recommended tripple-buffering. I have tried various combinations of these settings with the last 3 versions of the ATI driver (8.4 .5 and .6) This didn't help my problem at all. In the end I managed to solve the issue by using the EVR renderer in Media Player Classic Home Cinema. With the default options there was still a lot of tearing, but by enabling Lock Back-Buffer there was no tearing at all. Obviously, this didn't help my tearing issues in other applications. Particularly annoying is the tearing when browsing in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Scrolling pages is very unpleasant experience on my HP w2207h 22" monitor. I have also tried with a different monitor and a different cable (VGA rather than DVI/HDMI) and i have the same issues. How can i tell if I have a faulty card? Should I be expecting this with a mid-range card like the 3650? The family PC doesn't have this issue and it has a much older graphics card. Here are a couple of examples of what causes tearing. http://www.csseleven.com/ is really bad when scrolling and just about every single youtube video has horizontal lines throughout playback. Here is and example - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4sr-pvYBXA Please advise...
  6. I'm having this problem too no matter what i do! Where can i find a copy of Xpize 4.7 Beta 1 so i can try this method
  7. thanks TranceEnergy, i did try this when i attempted the hotfix intergration of xpize within nlite but not when i tried to intergrate xpize post-install. I will try this. If anyone has got xpize to work properly with SP3 please post!
  8. Thanks for your reply - so the most reliable method is to install my nlite patched sp3 disc and then run xpize? Should i check 'patch uxtheme' in xpize if it is already patched? I would like to know what people have found to be the safest and most reliable method. I know there are other threads - but i can't see any that describe the actual process which definitely works thanks ps. AS you can see, using this method works for the theme but the shell is not working...
  9. I am referring to the patch highlighted in this screengrab Does it patch SP3 correctly? I am trying to install Xpize on a slipstreamed SP3. I have given up slipstreaming xpize because nothing has worked. So is there any way i can check if this patch is working correctly? Should i enable patching in the install option of xpize? Or should i use the sp3 patch available here first? http://www.msfn.org/board/SP3-UX-theme-pat...11-t116237.html I tried installing my nlite slipstreamed sp3 ISO with in a Virtual PC environment and then installed Xpize with patch uxtheme enabled. The theme works but i don't get the GUI changes in the shell (i.e. control panel / icons / my music folders / copy files etc.) I hope i am posting in the right place.
  10. When in full screen watching video, the menu will not auto-hide, i have left the mouse and keyboard alone for several minutes and the cursor and menu remain visible. I am decoding using an ATI HD 3650 + NVIDIA Pure Video MPEG-2 decoder if that helps! I hope someone can help me, because its really annoying to watch TV with the menu on the top and bottom of the screen. Thanks for your time!
  11. Hi, I'm new to nlite and I'm working from a XP Pro SP2 CD. I have been very happy with my results up until I discovered this problem. I have googled the error message but very little comes up...no useful information anyway. I've included my settings so you can help me out. Here's how the error shows up First i go to computer management: Second, i click "Removable Storage": Finally, I get my error message:
  12. Thanks for your reply. But it says i need .NET frameworks to be installed first, and i don't have a .net framework under hotfixes, as i said it is "Run Once" at first login as a switchless AIO .exe
  13. great post! How can i use this with nlite? Do i just add the .cab file to the RunOnce tab? I am using RyanVM's AIO .NET package which is an .exe which i runonce.

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