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[RELEASE] Vista Source Patcher 0.2 beta


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Vista Source Patcher 0.2 beta 1

Vista Source Patcher patches your Microsoft Windows Vista Source with all the beautiful wonderful resources available with Vize.


- imagex.exe

- Vize


- Settings.txt file holds the location of imagex.exe

- icon changes depending on what file extension is being modified

Known Issues:

Please give feedback on any issues you comes across.


- I am not accountable for any problems/issues using Vista Source Patcher or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice.

Download Mirrors:

Primary Mirror Windows Live SkyDrive

Mirrors Needed!

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attention!dumb question this way comes!

how do i use Vize source patcher? i place it in the same folder along with vize package?

and second dumb question, what about Tiize?could Vize source patcher be compatible with Tiize since it is based on XPero's super-project?

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I tried just a patch of an install.wim with SP1 (Servicepack added w vLite, WAIK f VistaSP1/ WS2K8) . No error were displayed :)

What i know only after a testing install into a VirtualPC how that looks and how Vize re-acts with that... Edit.h tells ya this evening ;)

Here some hints for anyone who don't know how to get run this tool (actual version):

- edit settings.txt for the correct imagex path!

- if your Vize doesn't reside in [C:\Program Files\XPero\Vize] copy its entire path content to there (the patcher code uses ONLY that path atm), like this:

- open "h:\program files\" in Explorer  (example of my Vista installation)
- click directory "XPero"
- press the keys CTRL+C
- go to C: in the Explorer
- create the directory "Program Files" if it not already exists
- change to there
- press the keys CTRL+V
- you see the copying process

If path of settings.txt points to the program imagex.exe (e.g. in a complete WAIK installation, have not tested yet if copied out goes also) and Vize can be found at default path the actual Patcher from zedox should run...

Questions @zedox:

- imagex: A msfn member did an image mounter including it, couldn't you make next patcher versions in same manner?

- lazyness: If you are gone out of time for going ahead... I could code with Delphi7 (not the latest but fine)

- now, should i overtake :P or want you develop further? Which development environment did you used until yet?

Edit.h says:

Development of a project goes longer if time is needed for learning to code ;)

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