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Vista X64 SP1 RC ... memory footprint "drop" .... ** FIXED *


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For background - see here:-


Then I found this:-


The Registry Fix is:-

hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\luafv reg_dword “start”

The default value = 2 for reg_dword “start” - setting it 4 disables it completely

Re-boot and guess what - memory footprint is at ~350 meg from as soon as Vista X64 SP1 RC boots up - none of this ~800meg ram footprint for a few minutes then dropping to ~350meg.

Also, there is a LOT less hard disk activity once you are booted up.

I always new UAC was a pain

nuhi - is it too late for this to be in the next Vlite beta ?

Many thanks,


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