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Five updates won't slipstream


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Hey all,

after various tries, and including moving them to the end of the Hotfix list (only to be followed by IE7 stuff), these updates are always missing and I have to install them via WinUpdate. I also tried without IE and the result is the same...

From the High Priority Updates:





and from the Optional Updates:


my preset is attached, it is a rather clean install with WMP11 slipstreamed, IE7 with all addons and just some minor tweaks. Nothing removed, RunOnce is empty etc....

any help is greatly appreciated!



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i use the following method and it works fine for me and intergrates over 75 hotfixes, all of the hotfixes are showing up as installed, and don't show up in the automatic updates.

1. Create the XPCD folder that will be nlited later. (I have mine setup with SP2 Slipstreamed.)

2. Create a hotfix folder and put the hotfixes into it

3. Created the hotfix.cmd using the following:

TITLE Windows XP SP2 Slipstreamer brought to you by www.MSFN.org


@echo off


ECHO Slipstreaming Windows XP SP2 Updates

ECHO Please wait...

FOR %%f IN (*.exe) DO "%%f" /Integrate:D:\WinXPSP2


ECHO Slipstreaming Completed!




4. Add the hotfix.cmd to the hotfix folder. (make sure /Integrate:D:\WinXPSP2 = the path to your XPCD folder)

5. Run the hotfix.cmd. (if everything is setup correctly it will intergrate all the hotfixes into your XPCD)

6. Ready to be nlited.

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pretty much................it seems to be faster for me to not use nlite to slipstream the hotfixes

How do you guaruantee the correct order of the hotfixes? I mean how to avoid that a newer one gets slipsreamed before an older one, which would reverse the fix?

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well that is a little more work, i download the most current hotfixes and then check the kb articles on microsoft website to see which ones are being replaced if any, if there are any being replaced.......then i simply delete them. also change the names to look like KBxxxxxx, if the folder is auto arranged then the smaller #s are done first, for example KB873339 would be done first and KB944653 would be done last.........assuming those are the first & last kbs in the folder...........

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